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Food porn
Boston Burger Company

So I'm in between shoots here in boston, and have 3 hours to kill, so me being me... I looked up the best burger places. Lately I've been slacking on the food porn and eating burgers because my photographers prefer skinny models (go figure! Lol)

I walked into this tiny joint where only a few people were seated (lunch rush just ended) and the hostess showed me to my seat. You know this place is KNOWN for their burgers when one whole side of the menu was burgers. Then this one caught my eye..... "The King!": Peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas tossed with cinnamon sugar all on top of an 8oz patty.......that just screamed "me"!

Let me tell you... it was so good that as I'm writing this, I'm still chewing the last bite! Picture a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a hint of maple and some beef. It was an orgasm in my mouth to say the least! If you are in the Davis area in boston you need to check this place out!!! I think we have a new entrant to my top ten list! :D
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Jessi June

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Well, I'm alive!! Lol. Not sure how many of you were watching the weather last night, but I was in Omaha with baseball sized hail and 100mph winds. Not fun! Today I'm shooting from 8-8 due to the storms yesterday, so busy day, but figured I'd let y'all know I made it through the crazy night lol. Tired morning half-panda selfie for proof! Lmao 
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Hoi ...hahzhahoiwahhhhhh
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Jessi June

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Sleepy JessiPanda with no makeup, no filter, no nothing. As real as it comes... and exhausted! Lol. So tired and au natural! Lol. ;) 
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Jesei Junte HelOísa Oi
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Jessi June

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Alright, I didn't forget why alot of you come here... so here's one for a sexy saturday post! Remember cutie booties are fair game for posting on G+... ;) 

Just me stretching real quick... More Landscapes tomorrow! ;)
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Sexy body baby fuk. ..........

Jessi June

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+Thomas Hawk asked me to post this one. I can only imagine the jokes you guys are coming out with for this. Lol. 

But come on, at least it's original! Millions of people hold up the leaning tower of Pisa, but who ever bites Half-dome!! Lol. ;)
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رؤعه 00963788549426 صورك حلوة بتجنن
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Jessi June

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Alright, I'm going to see Godzilla in an hour or two and then it's back to work and writing back the 100's of messages and emails I've got backlogged from the trip... Scheduling out where I'm going to go for the rest of the year as well. 

Here's a quick shot from the Bay Area before I keep boring you with my landscape shots from the parks! Lol. SO MANY to post!! 
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اريد افوت قضيبي في هيك وضه بالمناسبه قضيبي طوله 8 انج
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Jessi June

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I've been shooting 10 hour days for about a week straight now here in Chicago, and I'm still trucking. Haven't stopped working since life threw a grenade at me, but I think it's a good thing. Tomorrow I go visit the boys in Kalamazoo and then it's a week in Meeeechigan before hitting Ohio and onward to upstate NY followed by the East Coast. So don't say you weren't warned Easterners. 
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Jess very gorgeous picture. but then you are picture perfect all the time
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Jessi June

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Morning! Sometimes I wake up and love the lighting - which turns breakfast into selfie time! Lol
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Jessi June

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Makeup?? Where we're going, we don't need... Makeup. Lmao! 
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Jessi June

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Here in Denver for this week and busy as always, but I was at my shoot and was having a skinny day (Girls, back me up here, you know what I mean!!) so I thought it was time for a selfie! Gotta get back on my diet and workout plan now that I can eat healthy again when I'm not in the car 10 hours a day. Lol.
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Jessi ur sexy i wanna fuck that body
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Jessi June

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And it only got hotter the further in we went... Lol. 
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u looks sooooo hot baby......
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Jessi June

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What A Ride (warning, actual reading ahead.  )

So it started off with 10 days of nonstop work in the Bay area, and then the girlfriend and I got a bug up our asses to do some crazy friggin' trip. 

We started off by wine tasting in Napa, followed by Muir Woods, The Spencer Battery, and a Tour of San Fran. The following day was Yosemite, with a night at Mammoth Lakes in a gorgeous resort, which we left in the AM to go to Death Valley with a stop in Vegas that night. That day was followed up with a trip to Red Rock and then a long drive to the Grand Canyon. The next morning we woke up in El Tarvo on the Canyon Rim, went hiking, and then drove down to Sedona last night for a shoot and some cuddle time with +Julie Ernes and then today, I dropped the girlfriend off at the airport in Flagstaff just missing the wildfires by our hotel, and rode out to Albuquerque, NM. 

I'm fucking tired!! Lmao. 

But with all that, (and yes, I could go into a TON more detail), in the interest of not boring you, here's some fun with numbers and stats from our trip! 

Days of trip: 5
Miles covered: 2000+
National Parks visited: 5
Bottles of wine emptied: 2 + countless tasted
Lowest Temperature: 34 --- Highest Temperature: 116
Highest Altitude: ~11,000 Ft ---Lowest Altitude: -285 Ft
Containers that exploded their contents when opened due to that: 8
Pictures taken (combined): >2000
Hiking Trails Taken: 15
Miles Hiked: 20+
Number of times I learned not to jog uphill in 110 degree heat: 1
Highest Gas Price witnessed: 5.89/Gallon of regular
Panda Abductions: 1
Starbucks Drinks consumed: 9
Amount of times I said, "Can you believe we're doing this/we're here/etc.": 


The trip was fucking amazing, the sights were breathtaking, and I think as it continues to set in what all we just did, I think I'm only going to be more and more amazed by it. If you ever get a chance to do something stupid like this... take it, and don't think about the numbers until it's over.  

One Helluva Ride.

Here's the Sunrise at 5:30am on the Grand Canyon... ;)
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