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Jessi Hall
Real estate writer for Veterans United Network.
Real estate writer for Veterans United Network.

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Don't Forget: Real Estate Roundtable TODAY!
Agents on both side of the home buying process have to have effective communication with a lender.
The more productive the communication, the more beneficial for the buyer and seller. Tune in tomorrow Wednesday, October 23rd at 12 PM ET while our real estate experts discuss their tips and tricks.

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3 Biggest Headaches for Real Estate if Gov't Defaults

Wondering how all this political nonsense could affect the real estate industry? +Inman News offers the following theories:

1. Homebuyer sentiment could fall.
2. Getting a mortgage could be even more difficult. "The government shutdown has already hindered mortgage lenders' ability to get records they need to verify borrower income from the IRS..."
3. Layoffs / joblessness could reduce the buyer pool.

Sigh. Come on, people. 

Read more:

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Foreclosures Continue Falling

Good news for homeowners and the real estate industry: foreclosure starts recently plummeted to a 7-year low!

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Our Newest Community Moderator!

Say hello to +Samantha Reeves, everyone! Sam is a former VA loan specialist, an excellent writer, and a new moderator for the Real Estate Agents-Military Friendly community! Welcome, Sam!

Add +Samantha Reeves to your circles, and be sure to keep her in mind if you have any VA loan questions - she's such a wealth of information (and one of the nicest folks you'll meet on G+, too)!

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Selling Tip: Buyers Don't Want Your Funk!

Yet another great tip from Realtor +Lynn Pineda!
Real Estate Tip of the Day - Take the funk out of your home when selling a home.

Hear the tip :

#realestate   #homesellingtips   #realestatetips  

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Prime Time VA Loan Live! TONIGHT at 7 p.m. ET!

The VA loan is a unique financing tool (and one that you probably have questions about). Hop into this Prime Time VA Loan Live Hangout and learn more about VA home loans!

TONIGHT, Tuesday, 10/1 at 7 p.m. ET:
VA Loan LIVE Q&A October 1st @ 7PM ET
Buying a home is too big of a decision to leave any of your questions unanswered. That's why our experts are joining forces to make sure you know everything you need to know to be confident and educated homebuyers.

Submit Your Questions Here:

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5 Fixable Issues that Keep Buyers Away

Don't let these 5 fixable issues keep buyers away from your listing!

1. Smells.
2. Pets.
3. Unappealing exteriors.
4. Clutter and personal items.
5. Over-customization.

These issues can be big turn-offs for potential buyers, but fortunately, they're not THAT difficult to remedy. Get tips on how to address each of these issues here:
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