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Best Time to Post on G+?

Set your daily Google+ alarm for 9 a.m., says Business2Community.com. To get more hits, +1s and shares, the best time to post on G+ is from 9-11 a.m.

The worst time? Between 6 p.m.-8 a.m.

G+ traffic appears to build after 9 a.m., and the peak time is during work hours.

Audiences vary, of course - so experiment with your followers to find a strategy that works best for you!

Data courtesy of http://www.business2community.com/social-media/when-is-the-best-time-to-post-on-social-media-0398279

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Alan Cleaver

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+Thomas Delemarre : If you're striving to reach a local audience, I'd use your own time zone. Otherwise, I'd use CST or MST time zones to reach a broader audience. The article points out that the survey is based on aggregates, so just consider them rough guidelines. The jist of the article is to post on G+ mid-morning for the best results (which I am certainly not doing with this post, but hey, duty calls later this morn.)
How about using third party to schedule posts such as Hootsuite?
+Lori Thueme : I think Hootsuite can only be used to schedule posts to a G+ page, not a personal profile. Please jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong, experts.
I have only used Hootsuite to schedule to my page, I will have to check on their about profile. I had tried Do Share once, I may have to look into it again.
+Jessi Hall CircleCount.com has some great reports on best day of the week to post and time of day.  For me it's Sunday between 1pm and 6pm.  You can find these reports under your dashboard on Circle Count.
I's always 9 a.m. somewhere ;-). G+ is global....
Best time for folks to post is when they actually have something to say! 
My best results are when posting in the evenings.  But ymmv.
It's been a while since I last visited CircleCount, but assuming they can work out when individuals are more likely to post stuff, then they'd be able to work out the best time to post stuff to gain interaction from those who've circled you (your followers, to use Twitter terminology).

I'm slightly surprised at the time - I would have thought early evening would have been a popular time: people booting up their home PC and instinctively catching up on social media events during the day (especially if their company frowns on personal use of social media during working hours - not everyone can get away with subcontracting their job to someone overseas while they spend all day surfing the 'net in their office!)
There's a few time zones without very high population counts ...
What nonsense ! It is always 9-11a.m. somewhere on the net ! 
+David Maclean : True, but are those the audiences you're trying to reach? If you're targeting a certain locale, you have a better shot at reaching those folks during the hours they're active on G+.
+Jessi Hall The article is nonsense. Time is not relevant on the net. You should have posted locale if that is your view, not public. This is the real world.   
+David Maclean : We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. My theory is this: If I'm going to take the time to post something important to G+, I want a good shot of being seen and heard. Posting at 2 a.m. means that by the time my audience is awake and looking at G+, my post has fallen underneath hundreds of others. That's a poor use of a great opportunity.
+Jessi Hall The only thing i can say is you must be a american to think like that, i am posting this at 10:24am, 13 Feb can you not understand that. The time that i post is irrelevant to 99% of the of the worlds population.
+Jessi Hall Since you are noting that your target audience is Americans, why not edit your post to reflect that. When i am on G+ that late, I've seen lots of engagement from Asia and Australia, while Africa and Europe start about 3am MST. So, mention your target or alter it so that it takes into account the rest of the world and the times of best engagement with them. Good post, but make it a great post.
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