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Big Ideas...Conservative Values to Make Wisconsin the BEST state in the nation!
Big Ideas...Conservative Values to Make Wisconsin the BEST state in the nation!

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Representative Jesse Kremer and Senator Sheila Harsdorf have released the first two of a series of bills that were products of the Legislative Council "Rural Fire and EMS Study" in 2016.

Rep. Kremer served as the Vice-Chair of this committee.

1. The first piece of legislation allows additional flexibility for EMS providers in rural areas so that EMTs trained to a higher level than that at which the service is licensed, can practice within their scope.

2. The second bill would allow current state funding assistance for EMT-Basic training/testing (Funding Assistance Program - FAP) to be utilized for entry level First Responder (EMR) training/testing also.

Click to view Rep. Kremer's press release and bill texts:

#WIPublicSafety #WIFireEMSReforms

3 Days to Go...

Just a reminder to come out and meet with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch​ and Representative Jesse Kremer​ this Friday from 5-8 pm for Jesse's 40th birthday party fundraiser!

There is no cost to attend, there will be children present, and we encourage families to join us.

(If you are able, please consider a donation of $40... $1 for every year that Jesse is old.)

* * * * *

Additional details and driving directions here:

Allenton Fohl-Martin #483 Post American Legion
419 Railroad Street (Cty W), Allenton, Wisconsin

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He is risen!

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THANK YOU to the incredibly generous Subway owners for their support of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and our oldest veterans.

Through April 23rd, many Subway locations in southeastern Wisconsin will be offering customers the chance to "add a dollar" to donate to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (or other parts of the state, their closest Honor Flight hub) at the register.

Donors will be given a coupon for $1.00 off a future footlong sub purchase.

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On a day when we passed multiple bi-partisan HOPE (Heroin/Opiate/Prevention/Education) bills on the Assembly floor, I would like to thank our local 59th Assembly District law enforcement officers for removing a huge drug ring from the streets of Campbellsport/Kewaskum, Dodge, Washington, and Fond du Lac Counties.

Thank you from the residents of the 59th AD!


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On Saturday, April 8, I will be holding listening sessions throughout the district. These are always a wonderful opportunity for constituents to share their thoughts and ideas with me while learning about what we have been working on in Madison."

8:00–8:45 am: Waldo Village Hall – 810 Second Street, Waldo

9:30–10:15 am: St. Cloud Village Hall – 1105 Main Street, St. Cloud

11:00–11:45 am: Campbellsport Library – 220 N. Helena Street, Campbellsport

12:15–1:00 pm: Kewaskum Fire Dept. – 1106 Fond du Lac Avenue, Kewaskum

1:45–2:30 pm: Hartford City Hall – 109 N Main Street, Hartford

Printable Press Release Here:

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Don't forget about the renowned Kewaskum Fire Department "Soup Sampler" this weekend!!

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I have released a hard hitting article regarding the Wisconsin American Legion.

As far as I am concerned, leadership at the state level of the Legion, of which I am a member, has been playing partisan politics with a wonderful non-partisan organization while dropping the ball on issues they should be weighing in on - i.e. the Senate confirmation hearing for the new WI WDVA Secretary.

Please check out this intriguing story here and share with family/friends:

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Coming tomorrow, an article about the recent Wisconsin American Legion debacle, "Maintaining Relevancy for ALL Vets; The American Legion Legacy".

(Written by a Wisconsin Legion vet.)

Stay tuned #wiveterans!

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I am proud to be a co-sponsor in full support of Senator Chris Kapenga's Article V Convention legislation.

This particular convention would propose a Constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to operate under a balanced budget.
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