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Google+ WILL Dominate Facebook - Here's Why

After a great conversation with a Google+ field representative I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, Google+ will dominate Facebook in the next two years.  There are many things Google+ is doing that most of us will never be able to see.  The biggest advancement is at the university and high school level.

Most major universities have incorporated Gmail and Google Apps for all students.  Many of these major universities are activating Google+ for only their .edu users.  This means there is a level of exclusivity to those who have an or address.  Instead of having to worry about Circles or public posts, students can be rest assured that only fellow students, at their university, will see their posts.  In essence, this is what made Facebook so popular to begin with.  Google will allow students to post publicly as well, but it will be their choice.

Not only is Google+ reaching out to college students but they are reaching out to university faculty members as well. There are several nearby faculty members that are going to use Google+ hangouts to host office hours.  This means students will be able to jump in and out of a hangout to get any question answered.  To make things even better, these can be recorded and uploaded to use as a reference in the future.  

If that is not enough, admissions departments are using Google+ to reach out to potential students.  Instead of having to drive 5 hours to visit a campus potential students will be able to do a virtual tour through a Google+ page.  Google is working with major athletic departments to host an event during a college football game.  Google student ambassadors will help with the promotion and the goal is to have pictures taken during the entire experience.  This means face will be able to see how the game looks from every single seat in the stadium!  Any sports fan would know this is an amazing opportunity.

We all know that college students push many things on the Internet.  Most college students that Google has talked to have said there is no reason to use Google+.  That is going to change this semester.  Look for the number of visits to Google+ to explode in the months of August and September of 2012.  You heard it here first!

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And also... because it's simply a superior platform.
Ahhh... the Blue List!

G+ = Hangouts = Brillance!

There are several nearby faculty members that are going to use Google+ hangouts to host office hours.  This means students will be able to jump in and out of a hangout to get any question answered.  To make things even better, these can be recorded and uploaded to use as a reference in the future.
+Jesse Wojdylo Really amazin stuff to find out.  My college (yes, I'm back in college) is a Google college, but doesn't use G+ yet.  It'll be interesting to see if that changes.  Hangouts... others have said it before me, but it's a Game Changing feature.
+Eli Fennell look for communication between students to really start getting huge on Google+.
Is Google+ going to be available at all colleges or is this a future project?  Also, will universities using Google products be able to opt out of Google+?  If universities would get on board and teach their colleges and departments about this thing it could be SO useful in an academic environment. 
+Issac Lewis Actually, Google+ has been used by some colleges in different ways for a while now.  I think what Jesse means is they are expanding their efforts in that area, doubling down for success.
Awesome news +Jesse Wojdylo. I was just talking about the educational opportunities of G+ (along with Google Apps) with +John Hauer today. Looks like Google has some great plans in the works. When you look at all the clear advantages for collaboration, privacy, media content, cloud storage, etc. it's really a no-brainer for educators. 
+Eli Fennell Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Have universities used the Plus or just Google products, like Gmail.  I started working at NC State on "Google Day", when they made the switch and I loved that the email system was Google and not the nonsense I had as a student.  

I meant to say Google+ can be useful with things like distance education (Hangouts) or office hours for professors.  Plus, in a place like the Triangle where NCSU, UNC, and Duke are so close, I think it could do more to connect students but I would like to see more university administrations backing the use of G+ in such a capacity.   
Is this insider info? It feels like insider info... :)
+Arianne Rogers see I'm helping you stay a step ahead of many others in your same grade by being on Google+ before you go to college!
+Jesse Wojdylo I'm hoping dude, that your Google contact is not being chained in a closet somewhere preparing for an eventual beating, over spilling such important information? :-)
+Sean Grace +Jesse Wojdylo We were just talking about this today! I'm amazed there are still schools using Microsoft apps, but sadly my daughter's is one. Had to get her a copy of Office. Student edition was $100 ( X 15,000) students. That's a lot of cash.
+J.C. Kendall I hope not either.  His name will go unmentioned but any college student will tell you this stuff is going on.  Just wait for the numbers to explode in September!
Dude, just imagine Google+ dominating Facebook. Not only that, but Skype, too.
I think students is a good way to go for G+....  :) we shall see what happens.
+Amanda Blain The only problem with College Students, is that after their first PolySci class, they think they know everything about everything and become insufferable. I should probably warm up my block button now...
Luckily +J.C. Kendall most of them will be on their university level servers.  I doubt most of them will be willing to post publicly until they gain a little bit of knowledge.  I could be completely wrong!
.... yes.. that will be interesting to see... I have to admit the more and more ive branched out to recruiting users... the more and more people i have found who are indeed only posting limited and have been for quite sometime...  I thought "everyone" was posting public.. but thats very very much not true.

When a few of the bigger brands get really active here though.. i think that will change. Students will want to interact with them and then slowly perhaps branch out from "limited"... :)

What hot too.. :)
Thanks so much for this, +Jesse Wojdylo ! Very pertinent, and relevant across numerous fronts right now. 
This is what all the nay-sayers of Google and G+ can't see. Google is making a big play for the future, and it is one I believe is going to pay off far bigger than anyone else has going right now. Apple. Amazon, Microsoft/Facebook (we all know MS will buy FB, right?) Yahoo (I know, I know) or whoever else thinks they're in this game right now. 
They're playing for second place. 
+Amanda Blain Probably 90% of my posts are private. I use G+ to interact with groups of friends like a replacement for email lists. G+ is the best platform for group conversations. That's why I don't give credence to the articles about G+ low activity that only see public posts. Google knows the real numbers. I'm sure it's lower than Facebook, but much better than what's been reported.
I will be very interested to see the numbers from +Morten Myrstad for the month of August.  The universities around me started this week so we should start to see a jump in activity in the next few weeks.
+Jesse Wojdylo, this is social media irony. Zuck abandoned that niche for a bigger picture instead of capitalizing on that exclusive model. Because Google does not have to monetize plus, they can make this a vibrant, attractive place that will become their "social hub." And poor Zuck is trying to figure out how to monetizze social media instead developing valuable products for his 1 billion +/- followers. This will make an incredible case study ten years from now. 

Thanks for the great post and please thank your source!
Interesting post, thanks for all this information!
Good post +Jesse Wojdylo - I can see how this would work well for students (at least, the technologically minded ones!). On a semi-unrelated issue, but close to the subject of shared usage of platforms and problems with conflicting platform preference, your post brought a question to my mind. Does G+ have a facility to share a photo album etc. with users not on Gmail? I haven't investigated yet and, in all honesty, am being lazy asking someone else I think will already know ;o) Thanks, +Natalie Gilbert.
I do love Google+ and have little time for FB but I don't see how university students using a private version of G+ is going to pry the dribbling masses away from the FB accounts and the digital legacy that they have thus far created there. If anything it runs the risk of alienated the masses as G+ is viewed as a more elitist 'smart people' network (which to an extent it already is). This of course is not a bad thing and G+ could serve as a hub of higher cognition networking as opposed to the endless stream of badly captioned baby pics, lol cats and shitto spammy marketing messages that FB is comprised of. 
Approaching the new generation of college students shows great incite on Googles part. 
I helped a faculty member get G+ setup not long ago so he could host a hybrid class, with some students in the classroom and some connecting remotely through a Hangout. Pretty cool stuff!
It will be a learning curve for those in academia but it will be well worth it in the long run.  I explain it like this:

At one point we were all reluctant to use a smartphone as there were letters and numbers!  After giving in we all realize that life is much easier with some type of Android or iOS device.  I think it will be the same way with Google+.  It will take some time to get used to but it will make life so much easier.  It sure has for me!

+Matthew Stublefield 
This is brilliant.  It's a great strategy for combating one of the two *real* reasons people hesitate to make the platform switch:'s_law

The other real reason is people's natural aversion to change, due to unfamiliar territory.  To anyone new to G+, it's a new environment that they have to spend time learning - and why would they do that when they already know Facebook?  

The more the Metcalfe's law advantage Facebook has over Google+ is broken down, the more incentive people have to get over that other hurdle - learning the interface.  +Jesse Wojdylo, thanks for sharing, this is exciting stuff for us Google+ users! 
I do think Google is on the right track. What's the latest updates to the mobile app, even my parents have started using it more.
I was told both versions of the Mobile app were updated last week.  Can anyone confirm this?  +Frank Catena 
With* . +Jesse Wojdylo , yes. It looks like the major change was being able to join hangouts on air.
+Jesse Wojdylo I can Only confirm that HOA Capability was added to Android last week, I have no info if HOA Capability was added ti iOS or not... perhaps +Dori Storbeck can verify here for you on your Mobile Update Question.
Very good points in the original post, +Jesse Wojdylo. Aside from my bias of believing G+ to be a better platform, I truly think that people are getting sick of Facebook in general and will look for something new... just as many of us got sick of how cluttered MySpace became and gravitated towards the cleaner, newer Facebook. When I login to Facebook, there's just so much junk (partially due to what my "friends" share, and partially due to the nature of FB itself), and I find myself going there less and less... and here more and more.
Interesting you should ask me that +Jesse Wojdylo ...I work at Google and still have an iPhone 4S... :-\ haha!
You know +Dori Storbeck, I am surprising they actually complete payroll for you each week.  That is truly unacceptable!
hahaha +Jesse Wojdylo  I believe Google does not discriminate( do no evil) and +Dori Storbeck is free to use any phone she loves (Android is still No. 1). Google does not believe in running a closed system like other companies(iPhone) and I'm sure most apps will be on all platforms. Hoping to see a G+ mobile app for Blackberry or Windows phone soon... +Steve Grove 
A total of 100 reshares now!  I never knew this post would turn into this.  Thanks to everyone who read, +1'd and shared.
Google Apps for Business administrators like myself want an internal-only option for Google+. That will be an excellent tool. Any one have inside information on when that will roll out? 
+Jesse Wojdylo You and I (and many others know the MAGIC) of HOAs... +Dori Storbeck is our friend to help guide us through its development.

The ability to hold 'office hours' or distance learning projects or whole courses with Interaction is Magical IMO. I hope I get to help people in the setup/learning process and in discovering new uses for our favorite G+ tool ㋡.
Agree with +Mike McInnis  that Facebook feels dated. But to say Google+ "will dominate without a doubt" Facebook in two years... such certitude feels a bit out touch TBH.

I think the author is severely underestimating network effects and has a early adopter bias, clouding his judgement.

Laggards, and the majority make up critical mass. Just look at how unpopular Microsoft Windows and IE where to so many, yet remained dominant for so long.
As soon as the college kids find something new and better you will see Facebook fall off the map as far as interest.  I am not saying it will be as quick as MySpace but it will be very quick.  

Is there any reason that users absolutely have to stay on Facebook +Matt Tagg?
Google+'s weakness was never in useability, but rather the inertia of network effects and a general misunderstanding of its purpose. Hence the common complaint of not being able to find friends here and that it's a ghost town.

The adoption by universities would be a big fillip for Google+. Big enough to decisively dominate Facebook? That's another question.
Out facebooking facebook. Where's that like button when you need it?
I switched from Facebook for the same reason I switched to it in the first place. Quick clean interface, superior photo sharing, a consistent user experience, lack of app spam, and many other benefits over the competition. Add to that the incredibly poor FB app for Android. We'll, there's really no comparison. Plus, my "friends" who aren't on G+ tend to be the "I like tacos!" types who add no value to the time I spend on social networks.
Nice post, I had a double-take when I saw that you wrote it!
Pretty unlikely that Google will be able to unseat Facebook, even with the college demographic. Kids get on Facebook in middle school, and  become heavy users in high school. Unless Google can start them earlier people will stick to where their network is already built. If Google really wanted to win social, they'd focus on educational tech for middle and high schools. Integrate with YouTube, and they'd have a major gamechanger. 
+Joe Wadcan one of the major points of this post is to say that Google+ is going to be a necessity for students unlike Facebook. 

Professors will use hangouts strictly at the .edu level.  Do you think students are going to drive to campus and try to find a parking spot or just jump on a hangout with their laptop, tablet or smartphone?  This will get more and more common meaning students will need Google+ and Facebook will not be necessary.
Very informative analysis. I especially like the idea of professors using hang outs for office hours. Just today I made calendar entries for all the tutorial sessions at my son's high school.

The problem is that some of the sessions conflict with him being away from campus or sports. All of the kids have iPad 3s so joining a tutorial hangout would be perfect for those that just need a quick question and answer.

I'm going to pass this post on to the high school admin +Jesse Wojdylo

I'll let you know what happens as the high school embraces technology
This is nonsense. Facebook will still rule as it is, a social network, not a tool for students.
+Nicolas Garnil Call it nonsense if you like, but when 1 tool can work for School and be a Social Hub (i.e. G+) then I bet it gets used that way.
Please feel free to pass it along +Burt Gordon.  Any level of education could benefit from Google+.  They just need to learn to use the tools Google provides for free!
+Tom Willis We use it for an intranet at my company (replaced Yammer) and it's quite good but lacks a few admin tools.
Facebook also recently launched groups which are exclusively for one's college, so I don't see the huge G+ advantage there. 
This is off topic a bit, but I'm using a Nexus 7 - that is why I needed to edit my comment - and I am trying to find a way to forward this post via email using the Google Plus Android App. You know what I can't seem to accomplish this task. One of the few times within Jelly Bean that I've not been able to link out
Just talked to my son and he said his High School ( along with the middle and elementary school ) all have iPad 3s and they sign in to their email via Gmail.

I bet you 100 to one they don't know of this free service as you said or thought of using it in this manner. I'll forward your post from the desktop - It is easy to do there - when I get home .

Thanks again, I'll follow up as you recommended +Jesse Wojdylo
+Pranjal Jumde If you don't think that Students using G+ Hangouts will be a place to 'have fun and chill out aka Hangout' I think you may not understand students very well.
It's interesting that people see beating Facebook as an important milestone.I see enterprise/edu customers as extremely valuable and
g+ fulfills a big need here. Most importantly Google will be able to make revenue directly 
I often wonder if the fact that G+ is ad free will lead to it becoming the major 'social network'. Google draw their revenues from elsewhere so don't see G+ being afflicted by adverts like Facebook and (increasingly) Twitter. Could this lead to G+ being the only sustainable network?
+Burt Gordon I don't know of a way within the mobile app to forward via email. However, if you have set up email notification, you may have the contents of this post in Gmail already.

The other way would be to use Chrome to open and find the post. You can then share to Gmail.
This is very encouraging news. We have gone Google at Griffith University for students and staff.  One very nice feature is the ability to share with our domain name like a virtual circle with 50,000+ members. We only have some of the Google Apps so far, Google+ isn't turned on yet and didn't think this killer feature would apply to Google+ if/when it was enabled.
The really exciting bit is that if this large group like feature can be turned on for edu domains perhaps it can be enabled for other domains or google groups as well.
+Steve Coles the virtual circles of 50,000+ could be very useful within Google+.  I have heard many great things about students going through the application process while using circles.  

In essence, students could be put into the College of Management Class of 2017 circle.  Before even stepping foot on campus they will be able to get to know their professors, advisors and classmates.
Hope this happens but I also hope college student step up there game on content sharing and leave the trivial posts about what they had for lunch on facebook and post on substantive topics.
hope so because my Google+ activity is a ghost town at this point :) it's a great tool but not so helpful when so few of my friends are using it.
On a side note, check that out +Mark Traphagen, even the URLs for posts have vanity URLs now.  Oh, how popular you have become.  I am still 3048309483098240398402834092 or something like that.
Hey 3048... What's Your Number? he he ㋡
+Stefano Diem nothing personal re. Brazil or other countries, but many times with this stuff FB & Twitter are just starting to really catch on (approx 2 yrs. or so after the US)... I just think that the compression of adoption because of bandwidth adjustments and hardware improvements ... the newer stuff will be adopted quicker.

So here is the big Question fo you... is big in Brazil? How much Searching for stuff happens inside FB?
+Amanda Blain Nice link to the data! Hmmm... I guess +Stefano Diem has a different view, but I guess his country men don't quite see things as he does, hey (that was a little Canadian-speak at the end ㋡ ) For non-Canadians... the H is silent mostly!
Im just going to stop responding to anyone who starts with "gplus sucks" but has not managed to make a public post.... Seriously? if you locked all your tweets private, never pinned something on pinterst, never connected to anyone on linked in.... never made a status update on Facebook....  You wouldn't think much of those sites either.

Make the 15 minutes of effort to use this place and then we can talk about ways to use it better. </rant>
+Jesse Wojdylo The rest of them are on Facebook having their minds sucked out one "Like" at a time...
I find the G+ platform far superior to Facebook. Additionally, there is so much scope for expansion with Hangouts, Docs, Databases, Geo, etc. Somehow, I always knew that this would happen.
+Jeff Jockisch I'm not sure if you read this yet but, once you do, answer this: Doesn't this push into universities and schools sound like something we were trying to do at ChaCha years ago?  When I read +Jesse Wojdylo 's explanation on what Google is trying to accomplish, I had bouts of de ja vu :)
Some similarities, +Dan Soto. But the core vision of Google+ is wider and more plaform-driven. I truly like the education play Google is making.
Good stuff.. But I don't think you really needed to consult with your dealer to know you were hooked. LOL
Thanks, practical & obvious, how this gets adopted in the UK will be interesting to see, but its starts through the Circles on the mobile driven by students, I know I have one...
Student adoption is the key to exponential increase.
+Tim Acheson it is way too early to call Google+ an epic fail.  Its been out about 15 months and it has over 400 million users.  If that is an epic fail I would love to be a failure.
+Jesse Wojdylo It seems even Google's own staff are barely using it. Not a good sign. But yes let's definitely revisit this later down the line when "early days" can no longer be cited as the stock excuse. :)

I become very suspicious about the agenda of anyone citing that spurious 400 million statistic in a discussion about the failure of Google+.

I wouldn't read too much into the "400 million users!" claim. Even if true, it's meaningless if only a fraction of these those were active users. (When that figure was released at least 300 million of these "users" were not even considered active in any given month.)

But the 400 million figure is suspicious and highly debatable. E.g. It seems to include all Google accounts, including those purely used for Android registration for example Gmail or even YouTube etc -- so let's not get too carried away. And the "active users" tally includes the mobile app, which may be installed and interacting without the user actually ever opening it!

But any objective person can join and try Google+ for themselves and see as I do that it is just not a very active social network -- not like Twitter or Facebook which are very active. It's not even as vibrant as MySpace, it's more like FriendFeed or Wave.
+Hugo Diaz   ... I just checked out your 2011 post - good points and great tips ... even as a newcomer I can see that "... talent finding talent ... " is creating collaboration ... and with Communities it will increase exponentially !
I'm curious +Jesse Wojdylo ... If college students build up their Google+ profile using an email address assigned to them by their college... What happens after they graduate and lose the .edu address? Is it possible for them to create a new G+ profile using a personal Gmail address and somehow merge the two? This question also applies to people who first create a G+ account at work then leave that job. Is there a migrate option?
David B
I like G+ better than Facebook.
Oh but you can find conversations that are over a year old here and what you are searching for +Willy Goncalves so imagine how many more topic relevant searches there will be at the end of this year... And the year after that.... I can't find what someone posted last week on Facebook..... In fact... I should write a post... #necropost
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