Google+ WILL Dominate Facebook - Here's Why

After a great conversation with a Google+ field representative I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, Google+ will dominate Facebook in the next two years.  There are many things Google+ is doing that most of us will never be able to see.  The biggest advancement is at the university and high school level.

Most major universities have incorporated Gmail and Google Apps for all students.  Many of these major universities are activating Google+ for only their .edu users.  This means there is a level of exclusivity to those who have an or address.  Instead of having to worry about Circles or public posts, students can be rest assured that only fellow students, at their university, will see their posts.  In essence, this is what made Facebook so popular to begin with.  Google will allow students to post publicly as well, but it will be their choice.

Not only is Google+ reaching out to college students but they are reaching out to university faculty members as well. There are several nearby faculty members that are going to use Google+ hangouts to host office hours.  This means students will be able to jump in and out of a hangout to get any question answered.  To make things even better, these can be recorded and uploaded to use as a reference in the future.  

If that is not enough, admissions departments are using Google+ to reach out to potential students.  Instead of having to drive 5 hours to visit a campus potential students will be able to do a virtual tour through a Google+ page.  Google is working with major athletic departments to host an event during a college football game.  Google student ambassadors will help with the promotion and the goal is to have pictures taken during the entire experience.  This means face will be able to see how the game looks from every single seat in the stadium!  Any sports fan would know this is an amazing opportunity.

We all know that college students push many things on the Internet.  Most college students that Google has talked to have said there is no reason to use Google+.  That is going to change this semester.  Look for the number of visits to Google+ to explode in the months of August and September of 2012.  You heard it here first!

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