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Early Estimates for Light Vehicle Sales in April 2012

Just whipped up this article about light vehicle sales for the month of April 2012. Looks like the numbers will be much better than April 2011 and just a little bit better than March 2012. We are still under the February 2012 numbers but maybe everyone is making buying decisions based on Craigslist car prices?

What do you think about the vehicle sales numbers? +Joel Arellano +Issac Lewis +Aaron Black +Brian Gundersen +Patrick Healy +Landon Zabcik +Jonathan Squire +John Daddow
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Interesting read. I got a Yaris a few years back and still using it. I like having a smaller car. If I upgrade it won't be for anything substantially bigger.
+Harry Havens I agree with you! I would never be a buyer of GM or Ford. I have been avoiding these automakers for quite some time. I have invested well in other retail stocks but thats an article for another time!
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