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How to Eliminate Unwanted and Annoying Community Invitations

When Google+ communities first came out in December all of my Google+ friends were talking about the annoying community invitations that were of no interest to them.  Funny, I was getting none of those.  This is coming from the guy who had his community post reshared by +Vic Gundotra and received over 1400 +1s and 600 reshares.  Why wasn't every spammer on Google+ inviting me to their community?

Fast forward two months and I still get about one community invite a week.  Many times zero.  Why is this?  Well, my friends +Lauren Sutton and +Ken Bruce were having a conversation about this and it really hit me as both of them are rather new to Google+.  They are already being solicited with Community invites.  I did some research and I found a way you can avoid all these notifications.  First go here:

You will see:

Who can interact with you and your posts

Who can send you notifications? Learn more - Select "Extended Circles"

Voila!  There you have it folks.  Only those in your extended circles can contact you.  I would make certain that the comments are open to public conversation if you want to get the true Google+ experience.

I hope this helps.

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Just realized I had mine set up the same way! I quickly mute anyone in my circles who spams me as well so not much of an issue here. 
We might just have to update the definition of wojdylo to include randomly helpful. :)
Funny thing is I do not know how, when, or why I did it... It must have been in the early days of G+ though. 
That can completely change an experience on here.  I see so many new users get inundated with notifications and it scares them away.  It's sad.  +Larry Deane 
I'm tempted, but not sure I want to implement this. I can imagine someone who isn't in my extended circles inviting me to a community I'd be interested in.
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