How to Eliminate Unwanted and Annoying Community Invitations

When Google+ communities first came out in December all of my Google+ friends were talking about the annoying community invitations that were of no interest to them.  Funny, I was getting none of those.  This is coming from the guy who had his community post reshared by +Vic Gundotra and received over 1400 +1s and 600 reshares.  Why wasn't every spammer on Google+ inviting me to their community?

Fast forward two months and I still get about one community invite a week.  Many times zero.  Why is this?  Well, my friends +Lauren Sutton and +Ken Bruce were having a conversation about this and it really hit me as both of them are rather new to Google+.  They are already being solicited with Community invites.  I did some research and I found a way you can avoid all these notifications.  First go here:

You will see:

Who can interact with you and your posts

Who can send you notifications? Learn more - Select "Extended Circles"

Voila!  There you have it folks.  Only those in your extended circles can contact you.  I would make certain that the comments are open to public conversation if you want to get the true Google+ experience.

I hope this helps.

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