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Anyone Have Experience with CrossFit?

I am hoping to start a new weight training or bodyweight training routine and I think CrossFit might be perfect for me.  I love anything to do with bodyweight strength but I may miss the whole "lifting weights" that I have done for over a decade.  Does anyone have positive or negative reviews for CrossFit?

+Issac Lewis 
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I've wanted too! Seem a lot people tend to gain muscle and lose fat when doing it, which is quite hard. 
Yeah +Jay Carter.  I don't have much weight to lose.  I would actually like to gain weight but I absolutely love bodyweight challenges like pullups, dips, etc.
I say go for a few classes and see how you feel. Most CrossFit guys do the Paleo diet along with it. 
Crossfit seems to do wonders for your core and overall physique, but most full body resistance workouts seem to do the same. I say do it and check your results but don't commit to a long term deal.
Your muscles will like the change. Up your clean, organic protein intake.
Yes +Cristofer Smith I think if I can increase my flexibility I can get in even better shape!  Plenty of room for improvement!
no, I have not, I will have to do some research.
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