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The G+ Diet Tastes like Wild Chocolate

Last month, +Mike Elgan posted about Rogue Chocolatier and the "Wild Cocoa" chocolate bars.

I bought two bars and just received them yesterday. The reason it took a month for them to arrive was because they were out of the one Mike referenced in his post. I told them I would wait for the bars, and because of the wait, they threw in two of the other flavor bars with my order. There was also a hand written note thanking me for my patience. I was very impressed with the customer service. The packaging quality was very nice as well. Apparently, the bars are specially packaged to make sure it doesn't melt during shipping (not sure how that works though).

As far as the taste of bars themselves.....AMAZING! I can't believe how much flavor came out of such pure chocolate. Thanks to Mike for posting this (and other great content) and opening my eyes to this amazing company. I'll definitely be buying from them in the future.
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