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Jesse Sutherland
Montreal resident, Hamiltonian bred, Texan by birth.
Montreal resident, Hamiltonian bred, Texan by birth.

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Here’s an interview with someone hated by both parts of the far-left and the entire right, Professor Stephen Pinker, who, along with Peter Diamandis (“Abundance”) has used facts to shatter the delusion that everything is spiraling into hell. That mythology doesn’t help inspire us to save the world, but rather spreads nihilism and cynicism. In fact, statistically, there are dozens of reasons for (guarded) optimism! Which, in turn, ought to inspire a can-do spirit and belief that we can act vigorously, to solve problems. Pinker is interviewed by Phil Torres. One special insight: When people believe that the world is heading off a cliff, they are receptive to the perennial appeal of demagogues: "What do you have to lose?" Sound familiar?

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Sci-Fi Sky

The newly discovered planetary system is perfect for science fiction. Seven rocky worlds, three potentially habitable. But since the planets all orbit close to their star, the apparent sizes of these planets would rival that of the Moon. I put together a graphic showing what TRAPPIST-1 and its planets would look like as seen from TRAPPIST-1f, which is an Earth-sized planet in the center of the habitable zone. If you lived there, the sky would be amazing.

Image credits:
Planets - NASA/JPL (public domain)
TRAPPIST-1: NASA/Walt Feimer (public domain)
Moon - Gregory H. Revera (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Sun - NASA/Goddard (public domain)

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+Charlene Lewis-Sutherland​ this is a cool factoid.
Today I learned... One of Queen Elizabeth I's spies signed his letters "007", which Ian Fleming incorporated into the James Bond series.

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My everyday OS at home and work. Great stuff.

SSH, screenshot, git push all from phone!

Man, I'm really enjoying working with React. All the UI stuff and state managing hacks and DOM manipulation of my previous JQuery days is all by the wayside. I can just implement a component with some pretty simple, yet powerful logic and build up an app in very short order.

The time from me typing 'todo' to doing that feature is maybe an order of magnitude shorter. As in minutes.

Also, I have a quite complex app being built up and of course not counting dependencies its a mind-blowingly small 280 lines! I hadn't looked until just now and I couldn't believe it at first. 
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