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He can toss his android to my direction and keep the crapple to himself.  :D 
My wife owns an iPhone 4S (which I've used quite a bit). I use an old Android phone. Between the two... I prefer the Android. It's the little things that make it better (for me). I like being able to share to whichever app I want to, from wherever I want. (Apple only gives you a couple of sharing options.)

Second, I only have to deal with one dialer. I just open the dialer (it's a number pad) and start typing a contact's name and it filters my contact list and pushes the most relevant people to the top. I can pull up pretty much anyone with just two taps. My wife has to choose either the number pad, or the contact list (which requires scrolling), or the recent calls. That seems like such a pain. 

FWIW: I own a MacBook Air, so I'm not an anti-Apple guy. 
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