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+Craig Eddy thanks - it would have been nice if their customer support pointed me there.
Some people saying it works fine, one post about running in "compatibility mode". Support dude says "activate on another machine, sync from Windows8 machine". 

Have you tried plugging in the docking station and just letting Windows find the driver? 

(again, my experience with Windows8 was just long enough to despise it, about 10 minutes, so I'm totally stabbing in the dark)
+Craig Eddy it doesn't authenticate me when it finds the driver unfortunately.
Have you set up your FitBit previously?

It might actually be syncing. I don't think you need to go through account setup in order to use/sync the device via another least that was my experience when I installed the driver on my work laptop (shhh, don't tell).
+Craig Eddy I'll check - interesting. Thanks - this has been the most productive conversation of any I've had today. Can't believe Fitbit support wasn't willing to give ideas like this.
+Allen Stern I'll sell it to you for whatever they're going for on Ebay (need to look that up)
Michelle says she is more than glad to take your fitbit off your hands.
+Jesse Stay - now that Windows 8 is officially released, have you tried again? Or did you already dump the FitBit?
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