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Neat! Didn't know I could buy plants on Amazon! Thanks for sharing!
+Tiffany Teng I buy most my plants on Amazon - they're almost always pretty high quality, and you can look at the reviews just to be sure! I'd say half my garden is from Amazon. I also buy ladybugs and praying matis eggs off Amazon for eating the bad bugs.
I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a town called Lynden, WA. we can grow Kiwi here as well. Which never thought possible, but it happened, they are as beautiful as Grape Vines.
I have four variety of hardy kiwi which I have been growing in Utah for 14 years.  One of the females is huge. 12 - 14 foot tall.  My problem  is that the male died after the first year of producing any blooms.  I have loney females with no fruit due to lack of pollination.  I tried KSL Garden Show and Thanksgiving point but could not find a blooming male kiwi to donate pollen for my females.
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