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You'll Always Hear it First on Google+

I'm starting a new experiment. From now on every post I make to will originate on Google+. This goes in line with my earlier post ( where I suggested that the Blogging landscape is significantly changing, and the blogs that want to survive will need to embrace social means of publishing and discovery. You'll recognize this trend immediately as you visit my blog and see the ability to automatically share the articles you read on to Facebook, and today I'm going to continue that trend with the strengths that Google+ provides.

The Power of Google+ Circles

One of the coolest features of Google+ is the ability to not only target posts by Circles and groups of people, but also the ability to send updates to specific email addresses and people. This opens up the ability for some really cool hacks. For instance, want to archive a post? Send it to your Evernote email address (Evernote allows you to send content to an email address and it archives right inside Evernote).

For all future posts on I'm going to use this same hack. One of the advantages to hosting on is that I can post to an email address, and it will post automatically to the blog. I'm going to set it to save my posts as a draft so I can go in afterwards, add links and pictures, etc. But you'll immediately receive updates on Google+ the minute I hit share. All other social networks will have to wait for the blog post to go live because I'll need a link to share those with.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now you can get the immediacy of Google+, while at the same time getting the RSS Feeds, and customized interface of the blog. If you want to subscribe via Google+, you can subscribe via Google+ (Go to to subscribe). If you want to subscribe via RSS, or receive updates to posts via Facebook or Twitter, you can go to I still have a home base, and you have the option of getting real-time updates via Google+.

So come follow me on Google+ if you want real-time updates from the blog, or subscribe right on the blog - it's your choice.
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One thing I'm realizing is that it posts the summarized (with "expand this post") version of the post to Blogger. I wish they'd send the full post. Regardless, I can still copy and paste from Google+ so I'll do that until there's a better option.
I'm disappointed that more people aren't using Google +, I mean I signed up for it and started posting, but I noticed not as many people interact or use it like they do other social media. So I have been neglecting posting stories here first.
+Cimaron Neugebauer they're here - you just have to find them. Search for people with like interests and Circle them. You can't just post - you have to follow like-minded individuals, and participate in their conversations. As you do that you'll start to build relationships and they'll naturally follow you back. It's actually easier to do that on Google+ right now than it is any other network.
If G+ gave us the formatting power of WordPress, all would be right in the world. As it is, it is much better than Facebook.

I personally like that you are doing this. I usually ready everything that comes across my stream from you, but I don't follow your blog. I have a bit of a level of demarcation between my RSS and my social. Google Reader handles larger, multi-author blogs for me. Things like Tech Crunch, Hack-a-Day, and Lifehacker. For smaller, more personal stuff I want to feel like I know you. That is where G+ comes in.

+Jesse Stay I feel like I know you. Better yet, I feel if somebody mentioned me to you, then you might say "yea, I know John."
+Cimaron Neugebauer I also notice you don't have any other pictures but your profile picture, and your About section isn't filled out. Let people know who you are, and what you have to offer. Engage people. Ask questions. It's really no different than any other network if you're trying to gain followers.
Kudos +Jesse Stay ! This seems like an intelligent compromise to +Mike Elgan's interesting (and seemingly effective) all G+ diet.
+Jesse Stay Yes, that is true. I should try to attract another audience. I am noticing that the same people that follow me on Twitter or Facebook don't even comment on Google+.
+Cimaron Neugebauer it is a new audience. There are millions of people here using the service. You just have to find them, and you'll have a great experience.
Yes and currently 53,031 of them follow Jesse.
+Bruce Polderman the +1 buttons are there. I'm debating on the Google+ Badge because I'm not sure if I want another social channel other than my personal profile representing my blog. I have +1 buttons on every URL though, and the by line of each article links to my Google+ Profile.
Now, if G+ would just give you a little more formatting capabilities...

Cool idea, though. I'm thinking how I could combine it with iftttt... the possibilities are intriguing.
Excuse me mr. Jesse sir..

Yes, where is the rest of your hair
Hmm. Very strange +Jesse Stay. I'm not seeing a +1 button anywhere on your blog. After the post, before the post, as a gadget, anywhere...
nice idea +Jesse Stay - maybe you should change your profile text now? ;)"
[...] I write regularly on my blog. [...]"
I determined the issue +Jesse Stay, your +1 buttons are not appearing on Firefox. They do display on Chrome however. FYI...
+Bruce Polderman it loads fine for me in Firefox. Refresh a few times and they'll show up. Google loads slow at times for those buttons.
screen scrolling does not work right with chrome, either.
So here is the interesting part. How do you monetize your G+ stream? You can eek out a living with a blog. You need very different motivations here.
John, haven't you seen the "I circled + Jesse and all I got was this stupid TShirt?" T? 
+John C. Reid you can still promote your own blog or website. The advantage here is I'm building community and when I post a link to my blog or website or other monetized opportunity you guys listen more because we've built a relationship. Interaction and community are so much more important than clicks.
I totally agree with you +Jesse Stay ... Right now it is an open court for any player to harness the power of "+1's" and "like's" to gain momentum in the digital world. Making things simple and auto, both for the producer of the content as well as the viewer of the content, is key... for immediate and future growth of products, services and "ideas", from individuals, companies and organization... secular or religious.
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