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[ #googleplus #postads ]Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create +Post ads, promote Hangouts on Air and automatic posts | The Next Web

Lets see how this goes. This might be a good mix between what companies and users want. I don't mind see relevant ads as long as they are not "spammy."
Google today expanded its test of +Post ads, a new type of monetization for its social network that lets brands turn Google+ content into display ads. At the same time, Google is piloting ...
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[ #ingresswear   #shardzombie  ] So, here's a quick design for you! Ingress unleashed the shard zombie in 2012!  WARNING Watch out they are highly dangerous and might eat your portals to steal your shardifacts! 


1 Cardio
2 The Double Tap
3 Beware of Bathrooms
4Wear Seat Belts
5 No Attachments
6 The “Skillet”
7 Travel Light
8 Get a Kick Ass Partner
9 With your Bare Hands
10 Don’t Swing Low
11 Use Your Foot
12 Bounty Paper Towels
13 Shake it Off
14 Always carry a change of underwear
15 Bowling Ball
17 Opportunity Knocks
18 Don’t be a hero (later crossed out to be a hero)
19 Limber Up
20 Break it Up
21 It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint
22 Avoid Strip Clubs
23 When in doubt Know your way out
24 Zipplock
25 Use your thumbs
26 Shoot First
27 A little sun screen never hurt anybody
28 Incoming!
29 Double-Knot your Shoes
30 The Buddy System
31 Pack your stain stick
32 Check the back seat
33 Enjoy the little things
34 Swiss army Knife

Make sure you following the rules and stay alive out there!

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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+Daniel Lee +Daniel Musto watch out the shard zombie will get you! They are after your shards. =)
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[ #ingresswear   #ingres   #ingresszodiac  ] This is the companion shirt to my 2nd design which shows the Ingress Zodiac badges on a shirt. =)

2 Design (has the Zodiac Wheel and info):

Full res images located here: 

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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Have them in circles
823 people
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[ #coffee  #8bit ] Anyone need coffee 8-bit style? =)
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Call me next week
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"Shakespeare famously wrote 'All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.' Ingress takes the great Bard's words to a new level."
NPR Social Tools
Ingress, an innovative game from a Google startup, is designed to get its players more engaged with each other. And as the game evolves, the writers respond to actions taken by players.
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[ #netflix   #comcast  ] This is going to end bad now that Netflix is paying ComCast for bandwidth. I guess ISP are allowed to keep their cake and eat it too. This will just end up costing the customers in the end.
The good news: Netflix's deal to pay Comcast for better access to its network is working. The bad news: This will now set a precedent that Internet service providers can hold content companies host...
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Flickr vulnerable to SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution Flaws - The Hacker News -
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[ #ingress   #ingresszodiac   #ingresswear   ] After much time, I have completed pictures for each of Ingress Zodiac. Each zodiac comes for both #resistance  and #enlightenment

How do you find out which one you are? Check out my original post here:

You check there for the Ingress Zodiac wheel (or my profile page). Feel free to share around and use these pictures how you want. =)

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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Have them in circles
823 people
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Geek / Computer Networking & Security / Love to teach others and learn anything within the binary world. =)
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WIN a PlayStation 4 in The Next Web Sweepstakes (#TNW1M)


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