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Apple may be dead to me but Aurora still has my heart! | Stuck in Customs

+Trey Ratcliff you are such a delight in both photography and general geekry. 

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Happy Earth Day 😄

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'Doctor Who' is about to ruin emoji for you in Season 10, Episode 2


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Obama's photographer takes down Sarah Palin with one very classy Instagram photo

Haha. This guy is on a roll.

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Target is turning shopping carts into Mario karts and there's no way this ends well

Who wants to play? 👍

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Microsoft improves Gmail experience for Windows 10 Insiders, but there are privacy concerns


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This Adorable Jyn Erso Cosplayer Spent Star Wars Celebration Handing Out the Death Star Plans to Every Princess Leia


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Google and Partners Try to Block the March of Ad-Blockers - Bloomberg

Yeah, not going to happen

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United's CEO just lost out on the Chairmanship of United's board / Boing Boing


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EFF Says Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying on Students

Is this really Google's or schools who don't understand their apps?
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