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#RIPJoePhilley  ] Thanks for +Sarah Rosen for sharing the original picture and +Lisa Spangenberger (@Liat) for making the changes for me. 

It's sad to see someone dedicated to the Ingress community leave so suddenly. However, my first reaction to this picture was to laugh knowing this is like  +Joe Philley

-AzuleOnyx (E10 - SGE)
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Can you imagine the mu's capped, however? :)
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A Video Game That People Are Playing All Around You | Good Sh*t | OZY -
This app lets you battle for supremacy of an invisible world.
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Spoiler Alert: I Just Found Out Luke and Leia Are Siblings

A brief overview of the original trilogy. 
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Students raise money to send #coffee shop employee to #Disney World

Love local coffee shops... Great job here helping them see there dreams. 

+Disney Parks+Disney​
Two students started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send a favorite campus coffee shop employee to Disney World with her grandkids.
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An Open Letter To Motorola: Start Promising A Concrete Period Of Update Support To Your Customers Or Start Losing Them -
Last week, Motorola announced its plans in regard to devices it would be upgrading to Android Marshmallow. Missing from that list were the 2013 Moto X, the... by David Ruddock in Editorials, Moto E, Moto E (2nd gen), Moto G, Moto G (2nd gen), Moto G (3rd gen), Moto X (2nd gen), Moto X Play, Moto X Style, Motorola
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hahaha ... still I just don't think iPhone and Android are even equal in platform and business models even though they both are smartphone platforms. 

Still, without Android, I doubt Apple would have added some features to iOS. Also, iPhones have fewer types of phones to fit features on to.

Btw, at least for Android, as long as the hardware is in an Android phone, Android phones get all features of each version of the OS. Apple puts iOS9 on an iPhone but there are just a number of 'major' software features missing. Still fragmentation. shrugs 
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Have them in circles
1,338 people
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Ingress Teardown 1.83.5 
Ingress Teardown 1.83.5

Since 1.83.5 is outside of our normal release schedules (A late night Thursday APK release), we felt it was necessary to cover a few details we discovered in this patch release since we don't have enough details for a full blown blog post.

1. This APK was released to the Play Store on the same day it was built. In the history of releases, this is a rare occurrence. Which suggests an emergency change/feature/tweak.

2. The addition of two new booleans (promptForPromos & wantsPromoRequired). Not entirely sure what this means yet.

3. The addition of a resource limitation. resourceLimits: { KEY_CAPSULE: 5 }. It appears the max amount of key capsules you can hold will be 5, for a max increase of inventory of 500 keys.
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Hackers Backdooring Cisco WebVPN To Steal Customers’ Passwords -
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I lost my friend, but his voice and music live on in my game -
The desert shouldn't exist. At the very least, people shouldn't live there. We did, only not by choice. When I decided to develop a virtual reality game based...
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Flatiron School Launches Full Online Curriculum With Learn Verified
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LogMeIn Acquires Password Management Software LastPass For $110 Million

This is interesting... Let's hope is gets better. 
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Halloween Ceramic Bundle – Death Wish Coffee Company

Reminds me of pumpkins ... nice looking cup though.

+Lisa Spangenberger +Carrie King  
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Netflix is raising the price of its main plan to $9.99 per month | The Verge -
Netflix has announced that effective immediately, it's raising the price of its most popular plan to $9.99 per month, up from the previous monthly rate of $8.99. Existing customers don't have to...
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