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[ #bethesda   #fallout  ] Bethesda's Awesome Fallout Shelter Game Will Come To Android... At Some Point | Android Police
And before you have a chance, yes, that is a screenshot of the iOS version. I just wanted a pretty picture for the article. I'm sorry. Now, back to the new... by David Ruddock in Games, News, Videos
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Sun Tzu 2.0: Is cyberwar the new warfare? -
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Google walks us through Android M’s promising Auto Backup for Apps feature
Android M is bringing a selection of new features and changes to our mobile OS of choice later this  year. One of the less instantly noticeable, yet perhaps most useful additions is the new automatic app data backup feature, which Google has recently been talking about in greater detail. The idea is simple, backup and retain all of your app data automatically, so that you can restore all of your old details and settings, should you need to per...
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Reclaim Disk Space After the Windows 10 Update by Deleting Old Builds | Lifehacker
The Windows 10 update saves files from your previous installation so that you can revert back to it if you need to. Deleting those files can get you back up to 20 GB of disk space.
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How to Tweak Windows 10 and Fix Its Minor Annoyances -

I will have to look at these when I get Windows 10 installed. 
Windows 10 resolves a lot of the annoyances left over from Windows 8, but it also comes with a few of its own—little as most of them may be. Here’s how to tweak a few of the OS’s new features and fix its little quirks.
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Motorola opens up about Lollipop upgrade letdown and the future of fast rollouts | Computer World

Looks like the Moto X (2013 -- or OG (= ) Edititon has some problems upgrading to Lollipop due to it's custom hardware. Motorola is pushing for faster upgrades for its products too and with three shiny new phones out soon, everyone will be waiting for the Android M release for them.
Motorola finally explains what went wrong with the Moto X's latest Android upgrade -- and what it's doing now to prevent a repeat performance.
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Cox is threatening legal action against a city for agreeing to bring competition [Google] to the area | Barking Technology -
Cox has a monopolistic broadband strange-hold on a number of major cities around the country. I can personally attest to this as I have lived in two cities where Cox was my one and only option for ...
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Auto Backup for Apps | Android Developers -

Fairly straightforward 
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Exclusive: Hangouts 4.0 leaks again, new app lets you initiate voice messages using Android Wear | Phandroid

#soon #wehope =)
A new version of Hangouts is soon headed to Android devices. Known as Hangouts 4.0, we actually got a taste of what to expect in a previous leaks and in the iOS app that launched a few weeks ago. With a new version of the app now in our hands, we discovered a few new tricks.
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Google+ Is Alive and Well Despite Persistent Media Reports | eWeek

I agree with the author, Mike Elgan, that Google+ isn't dieing. I was just asked last night by +David Bird about the death of Google.  I showed him this shirt (post: I find it crazy that Google changes it's idea of what it wants Google+ to be when it grows up and everyone just assumes it's all going to die.
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$1000 per referral for Tesla cars... Interesting move here.
Tesla just began an experimental referral program. It allows owners to receive $1000 credit per referral on their Tesla account until October 31st, for up to 10 referrals. Not only that, but it also takes $1000 off the purchase price for the person being referred.

If you already own a Model S, just log into My Tesla for your referral link.


So, of course, it's worth a shot for a slight chance in saving some money on my Tesla purchases. Of particular interest is enabling Supercharging for a Yellowstone trip I have planned next year.

My referral link:
Model S is the world's first premium electric sedan. Designed from the ground up as an electric car, Model S provides an unprecedented driving range of up to 300 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds without burning a drop of gasoline. The Tesla Model S - the first premium electric sedan, available 2012. Reserve yours today.
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Google Research Blog Post Shows How WordLens Live Translation Instantly Replaces Text In Live Video | Android Police

An insane view on how Google translates text in real time. This is never an easy thing to do.
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