Dammit verizon, just let me buy the galaxy nexus. I was at best buy for over an hour doing the paperwork. Phone was activated, ready to go, they tried to ring it up for payment (it had been scanned several times during the process) and it had been removed from their payment system so I couldn't buy it. They had to call and apparently its delayed, no date given, maybe the 15th. Had to call verizon and get the upgrade reversed so I don't lose my upgrade. I just want my vanilla android :-(

I wouldn't be so upset if motorola hadn't ruined my droid x with the last updates. Now I'm stuck with my phone that randomly reboots, goes unresponsive all the time, comes back alive when shut off, force closes stuff all the time including every time I turn it on and drops wifi randomly. Why do handset makers and carriers hate android and have to ruin it for us?
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