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Jesse Martinez
I love God, my family, tech, and my bulldog!
I love God, my family, tech, and my bulldog!

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+Phil Nickinson thanks! Freaked me out till I played it again! LOL 

Day after surgery

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Wow great physique!
Great #throwbackthursday picture. Me competing at my first NPC bodybuilding show in 2001 (the drug tested Typhoon Bay). Took the show unanimously so that was also my first overall win. 

p.s. - And by the way, if you missed out on my latest 7 minute home biceps workout, check it out here:

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And today after surgery. I'm loopy as heck! Thank goodness for auto correct right now!

Well, here are my first attempts at showing my surgery progress.

Anyone had a distal clavicle excision? If so what we're the results? How fast was the healing process? I have mine scheduled for next Thursday. Not looking forward to it. 

Yup surgery is what I'm gonna have. July 3rd. I have distal clavicular osteolysis. Ugh. 

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