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LaGuardia. Just the word sends shudders down the spines of frequent travelers. The airport — the smallest of three major airports that serve the New York metropolitan area — is so bad that Vice...
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Drug companies are exploiting rare mutations that make one person nearly immune to pain, another to broken bones
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Bloomberg - Nikkei to Buy Pearson's FT for $1.3 Billion
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New visualizations map household income by rail stops in Chicago, Portland, Atlanta and D.C.
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The buzz is such that it's earned the nickname "the Brooklyn of Burlington."
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Avid lover of architecture, fashion and quite lazy.
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Vision behind Google's Sidewalk Labs is free high-speed wifi in every ci...

When Google CEO Larry Page announced the formation of a new division, Sidewalk Labs, to "improve city life for residents, businesses and gov

Kit and Ace to Open 15 Canadian Flagships in 10 Months

The Technical Luxury™ clothing brand, founded by Shannon Wilson (wife of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson) and her son, J.J., has aggressive ex

A Scientific Model Of What A Zombie Apocalypse Would Look Like (And Wher...

The best spots for riding out a zombie apocalypse are sparsely populated areas of Montana and Nevada, which remain untouched even four month

Where America's Homeless Live | Zero Hedge

Nearly one-third of all the homeless people in America live in these ten cities...

Activewear Brand Lolë Plans Aggressive Canadian Expansion

The Montreal-based activewear brand plans to more than double its Canadian store count and substantially grow its sales over the next severa

WSJ: Google's Nova Carrier Will Be Able To Switch Between Sprint And T-M...

Almost every carrier story we post has at least a few versions of the following comments—"I would totally use carrier X, but it doesn't work

The Prison State Of America: More Jails Than Colleges | Zero Hedge

As we recently noted, The Prison State of America is alive and well as our prison-industrial complex, which holds 2.3 million prisoners, or

Do You Pay Rent To Blackstone: This Is Where Wall Street Is America's La...

The short answer is in parts of Seattle, Charlotte, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa, Cincinnati, Raleigh, N.C., Houston, Denver, Columbus, Ohio, Sar

Atlantis' Legendary Metal Found in Shipwreck : DNews

Divers find nearly 40 metal ingots from a shipwreck off the coast of Sicily that was lost in the sixth century.

Canadians upset with Romanian website that exposes court case details

Details of legal decisions involving Canadians are being hosted on a Romania that requests a fee for their removal

United Airlines sues entrepreneur, 22, for tip website on how to score c...

United Airlines and Orbitz have filed a civil lawsuit against a 22-year-old New Yorker for running a website that provides tips on how to sa

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Attack on Movie Theaters That Screen ‘The Int...

In the most shocking development yet, the Sony attackers have threatened a 9/11-like attack on movie theaters that screen "The Interview." T

Ottawa threatens to block Buy America rules in Canada

Invoking rarely used anti-sanction law would further strain tensions between the Conservative government and U.S. President Barack Obama

University of Toronto’s next lawyer: A computer program named Ross

University of Toronto students develop app that uses IBM’s artificially intelligent Watson for legal research

Utah to seize own land from government, challenge federal dominance of W...

In three weeks, Utah intends to seize control of 31.2 million acres of its own land now under the control of the federal government. At leas

Swiss voters reject gold, immigration proposals, salvaging EU ties

By Alice Baghdjian and Caroline Copley ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected proposals on Sunday to boost gold reserves an

Bubonic Plague Spreads in Madagascar : DNews

As plague claims more lives, authorities scramble to kill infected fleas in the poorest neighborhoods.

Presenting North America's Most Frustrating Airports | Zero Hedge

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Pretty decent. I cant really say if it is good or bad. I do have to say, the dryers do a great job though.
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Good, but it could have been better. Not the best tasting guacamole.
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