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(Review ★) Colorvue Soft Color Grey, Sweety Crystal B Grey& Sweety Moonlight Grey [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello Beauty Holics!! Hopefully you guys are having wonderful spring / summer so far! This month I am gonna be doing 3 different circle lenses of Grey color to create different looks for this summer time! Also, if you didn't know. UNIQSO recently went with ...

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(Review ★) Sweety Cyclamen Grey & Sweety Ambrosia Turquoise [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello Beauty Holics! With the spring being just around the corner, I would like to introduce some new circle lenses that are inspired and named with beautiful plants These two new series are quite similar to one another but will create slightly different ap...

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(Review ★) Sweety Sparkle 3-Tone Green & Sweety Firefly Yellow [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello my fellow Beauty Holics! It is that time of the month again!! With some cosplay conventions coming around especially people in U.S.A., I believe this month's review is going to be useful for you guys, to help recreating your favorite Anime and Game ch...

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(Review ★) Sweety Spatax Love Brown & Western Eyes Frozen Grey[SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
  Hello my Beauty holics and for those who are celebrating Chinese Happy New Year, I wanted to say "Happy New Years!" For this month I've brought two different looks of circle lenses that I find becoming my daily use of lens for this year. For this month, I...

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(Review ★) Colorvue Crazy Venus Lens & Colorvue Crazy Zombie Grey Lens [SPONSORED by Lens Village]
Hello my beauty holics!! I hope everyone had some fun great new years!! For this review, I thought it would be fun to try some crazy look, rather than usual anime cosplay I've done before And kindly enough Lens Village sponsored me with two sets of crazy co...

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(Review ★) Sweety Batis Blue & Sweety Solotica Green [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello everyone and Merry Christmas to you!! Today I have a review of newly launched circle lens series from UNIQSO. This year, UNIQSO came out with circle lens brand called Sweety. And this Sweety has been becoming one of my favorite brand right now for cir...

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(Review ★) Phantasee Crazy Lens Green Mist & Colorvue Crazy Lens Mad Hatter [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello everyone!! It's been quite awhile with doing some review! Work has been super crazy, so I haven't had too much time to actually sit down and do a through review on the products that I'm about to show you guys. During the Halloween this year, I wanted ...

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(Review ★) Western Eyes Nada Ice Grey & Dream Color Nobluk Hydro Grey [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello, I'm back with another review from UNIQSO with couple of new lines that have been added to their collections! DESCRIPTION Diameter:  16.5 mm Water Content:  38% Base Curve:  8.6 mm Usage:  1 Year Price:   19.90 USD Western Eyes Nada Ice series comes i...

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(Review ★) 2 Different Colored Eyes & Cafe Mimi Macchiato [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello my wonderful Beauty Holics! I'm yet again back with some circle lens reviews for you guys One is something you can wear on daily basis, and other one is something that is quite unique style which has been becoming a trend! To start it off, I'd like to...

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(Review ★) ICK Cherie 3 Brown & Love Live! Wig Minami Kotori [SPONSORED by UNIQSO]
Hello Beauty Holics! How is everyone's summer going so far? I hope it's going amazing so far and staying cool from the hot weather! Today, I have the review of ICK Cherie 3 Tone Brown lens and My final collection for the original Love Live! Muse trio, Minam...
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