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My Name is El Capitain 

Good morning friends. Raising my coffee mug in salut. Sharing one of my better impromptu jams  #throwbackthursday  
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You too El Capitain!  Shoutin for the weekend +Jesse Crawford 
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Jesse Crawford

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Hollyhocks and Green Onions 

Last night's eclipse was amazing. Out of all the sky viewings I've encountered this one lived up to the hype. I've had my morning coffee and been walking around inspecting the yard. I'm happy that I don't have to buy green onions for a few months. Can't wait for the iris's. I need to get out there and start digging around.

Have a great day friend raising my mug in salut! 
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Excellent captures, man we missed it. Rained all evening. Sounds like it was awesome!! Is there supposed to be another one this fall?
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Have a good night all. Enjoy tonights eclipse with the Moon and Mars conjunction. 
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Good night bro. I've been watching the eclipse and enjoying it. A little cold out so I've had to sneak watching sessions a few minutes at a time. 
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Jesse Crawford

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Forming a Habit 

Embracing longer timelines can help us realize that habits are a process and not an event. All of the "21 Days" hype can make it really easy to think, "Oh, I'll just do this and it'll be done." But habits never work that way. You have to embrace the process. You have to commit to the system.
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Morning Belle Face 

She's been a good pup so I gave her a chicken leg to take outside and munch for breakfast. #fridofriday  Happy weekend. 
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Thanks +Cory Dumont and +Rebecca Fritsch she is a comical prankster and never camera shy. 
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Jesse Crawford

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Midnight Music: Precarious Existence

Ok I lied, I'm still awake with my headphones and working. Tracking is done. Project slider is at 80%, only because I'm finishing up inserts and considering hidden track.

Acoustic rock. I somehow found time to record all these tracks in between finishing school and working during the last 8 months. 
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Thank you very much +Tim Utzig Good morning and salut! 
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Jesse Crawford

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Line of Mars

This is my good night shout. A mellow day yet I was able to get a lot done. Weary legs and zzz ahead. Hope your day was filled with much joy friend. Rock on. 
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Jesse Crawford

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And once again good night. Sweetest one I've ever seen. 
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Nice!  It was so cloudy here there was no chance of seeing it.  So I got a little sleep in instead.
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Jesse Crawford

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April Video 

Sharing footage compiled from the last few days. Spring started out nice and then crazy weather out of the blue. A shout and have a great week. 
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Thank you +Tim Utzig It was a combination of the two, mostly hail yet it lasted for 5 minutes.  
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Jesse Crawford

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Città di San Marino

The fortress of Città di San Marino view from the side of torre Guaita on Monte Titano (Appennino tosco-romagnolo), Central Italy. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Max_Ryazanov [CC-BY-SA-3.0
(], via Wikimedia Commons

Good morning all and have a great spring Saturday! 
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That you are here—that life exists, and identity; That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.” ― Walt Whitman
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I'm also passionate about art including painting and graphic design. I recently helped score a documentary for the Utah Division of Air Quality. I consider myself to be fairly relaxed. Friends get the rock and trolls get the block. 

I sometimes posts sci-fi art and 3d models and space rock music on my verified Google Plus brand page below:

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