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I haz internet and an NYC apartment! Things are looking great. So glad to be living with my new roomie, the great +Helena Martin!
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Awesome! You'll have to post some adventure photos for us!
You moved to NYC? No one tells me anything...
Brian Clark It sort of slipped my mind until the night before I left Florida. Forgot to keep you and everyone else in the loop. Thank god for G+ hehe.
Congrats! Yay, now I have one more person to visit in the city :)
Wow - S. Florida not the hot spot any longer? You're so NYC now!
Miss you down here...but I'll be in Philly soon. Maybe I'll take the train over to NYC??? :)
Did you just move to NYC? Awesome! How do you like it so far?
+Debbie Miller I moved back last summer, then went to Colorado for 2 months, and now I'm back again in a new neighborhood! :) It's great but I miss being near the ocean (used to live in LA and then FL)
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