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Mid 60's in February? I'll take it! 
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Ever since I read the Stephen King story Strawberry Spring I always watch my neighbors (and myself) for signs they might be stalking and killing co-eds, when the weather goes wonky.

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My life as a parent today... 
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Poor +Matthew H lmao. I did that to my parents. Though, they didn't live together so there were no repercussions for me~

As the older sibling of a 13 y/o though, we catch this crap, too. Mom says you weren't supposed to be watching TV or on your phone because you're slacking in school? Aw, we just won't tell him that. Or make a hilariously bad attempt to blackmail him. Lil' shit

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Good night.
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I hate cleaning my bathroom, but I love having a clean bathroom. #FirstWorldProblems 
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And are smelly.

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Good morning, people of plus. This is a bit long but yo. Bear with me, I don't post very often these days. It's also messy, as I'm not feeling very eloquent this morning.

A few days ago, I was in a thread that ended up with me having Mak, who is now gone,​ use me and a couple others as an example to show that trolling people who don't deserve it sucks and isn't cool. And that when it's your friend, it rightly pisses you off that someone would do that to your friend. Because people were doing it to his friend and making fun of him for defending her. And it worked. A lot of people thought that was not cool and came to my defense, the same way he did hers.

At the time, it shocked me and hurt my feelings. At the time. I spoke with him and he apologized and explained himself that same day. I went back to living my life, thinking everything was fine. I commented on several threads that I was fine.
I am still fine.

Last night I logged on and saw that it was taken to a really uncool level, and I have been pretty much silent for this last week, but this has GOT to stop.

I have read a lot of threads and there are a lot of people who have specifically mentioned me without tagging me in those threads, using my name as part of why this is still going. That makes me upset. I am not part of this. I don't think it's funny or cute, and I have stated that I have no problems with Mak. Some of you don't agree with my decision to let it go, and that's fine. You don't have to. But I am grown. I make my own decisions as to who in my life deserves forgiveness for actions that affect me. I have made that decision, and would like it if whether you agree with me or not, if you respect that. Please stop using my name to excuse your desire to fuck with Mak. I'm sure it's not all about me. I'm sure of that.

What all of these people are doing to Mak, I don't think is cool. I see a lot of "well he's a hypocrite" or "well he can't suddenly change his mind and be Mr. Nice Guy." Actually, he can. I've met him in real life. He's a normal, nice guy in real life, a father and husband and total dork, as are many of you. Many of us decide to have an "Internet persona". I'm not one of those, but I respect the fact that others do it. Sometimes you need something to detach from real life.

Sometimes, something happens that causes us to rethink past behavior and what we find humorous. And sometimes, we should accept that and understand that the reason why is none of our business, and be supportive of positive changes in each other's lives without all of the "but I don't believe you because you USED to say/do _____." If your friend has been overweight for 25 years and something happens in their life to make them change and want to lose weight, do you say "fuck you. For 25 years you've been a lazy pig. I don't believe you and in fact, I'm going to troll you for it." No. No one does that. Why is this any different?

And you know what? Yep, Mak could be trolling us all. My fat friend could be lying about their efforts to lose weight too. However, I think I'll err on the side of cautious optimism.

Side note: Before anyone reading this even thinks it, because I've had PMs from people who think I am being such... and a quote from a thread where someone compared picking on me to be akin to kicking a puppy...

I'm not naive, and I've had experiences in my life that I don't share with many, that some of you would think might cause me to be a cold, untrusting, jaded motherfucker. Things that would surely cause you to see me differently than you do. Things that would make you see that there's no fucking way in hell that I could come out of that and be naive. I'll ask you to just trust me on that. Please, stop thinking that any of this comes from a place of naivety. I'm actually a lot tougher than you guys think I am. Am I soft? Yep. I choose to be. Am I kind? Yeah. I choose to be. Am I forgiving? Yes. Again a choice I've made consciously in my life as a flawed human.
Am I naive or gullible? No. Am I still cautious about how much of myself I give? Yes.

Anyway. . . I have chosen not to participate in this whole Mak bashing session, because I don't think there should be one. He's just a person. Just like you or me. Let the guy be already. And don't ever bring someone's family into shit. That is beyond fucked up.

I don't care who posted what or who was madbro or who "wouldn't stop talking about it" or who "was asking for it". People have different ways of dealing with and coping with things. Fuck. I'm the first person to admit that I cope in some odd ways.

Everyone, find something new to do, please. I miss G+ actually being funny and loving and so. Fucking. Fun. The trolling used to be a kind of side thing. It never used to literally consume my entire feed from all sides. This used to be my escape from the heaviness of life. Lighten up.

Be cool to each other.

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I don't know what the drama is about but I couldn't help but make a meme about the dramz 

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+Matthew H​ come to bed bby. 
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I need to post something like this and see who takes the bait

Oh. No one lives in my house but me.  FML

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Maternity clothes shopping trip was a success! I got everything I needed. . . And even this night shirt. The baby wanted it, I swear. Off to put it to use! Good night. :-D
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My best friend in college was with his wife when she was adding things to the baby registery. Apparently the baby wanted an Xbox and a Nintendo DS. :-)

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Ummm... this is the most giant steak and potato I've ever been served. +Matthew H​ u so crazy. I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow, LOL. 
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MAX selfie with +Matthew H​, per the usual. Gonna hang out with +citizen j​ and +Kai TechnoLust​ and +Elisabeth Renae​ later! Woot. 
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Dope Vans cap but fold that brim cause only herbs rock it flat so smoke the herbs don't be a herb 

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I love it when people surprise me with their talents! Awesome sound.
The debut track from my band has been released. We've been working on this for months. Give it a listen if you're so inclined!
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Delta Pi Delta by Mechanimal

Dope new album 2016 is gonna be so good and in a few Hours new David Bowie Album is gonna drop 

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Play nice or you're all grounded, you little assholes. Don't make me pull this car over.

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I like turtles.
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