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Jesco Freund
Caffeine-based life form. Loves flight simulation, real world aviation, cryptography, coffee, chili pepper, FreeBSD, Linux, C and Python.
Caffeine-based life form. Loves flight simulation, real world aviation, cryptography, coffee, chili pepper, FreeBSD, Linux, C and Python.


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Attitude Simulations is about to release their Fox Island (north & south) scenery. Their first release (Custer) was quite cool, so I'm looking forward to this one...

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HotStart is a collaboration between Totoritko (systems) and Goran Matovina (3D & texture work). They announced now officially a study level TBM900, aiming for a release date in 2nd half of 2018.

They are working on an unpreceded level of aircraft life cycle, so get your wallet ready for all the maintenance bills that will come with this bird...

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Just some weeks after the FF A320 Ultimate entered public beta, GlidingKiwi, formerly known for his plugin work with QPAC, has announced a new Airbus: His new Airbus A319 just entered a limited beta. Features to expect as per his announcement (his words, not mine):

* Detailled FMGS with SID/STAR (support for ALL leg types), top of climb, top of descent, idle descent profile with economic speed, wind, holdings, step altitudes, airways, etc.
* Top notch electro-mechanical systems - these we inherited from QPAC A320 and tweaked where required.
* Custom sounds: You get good custom sounds out of the box.
Improved usability: We have fully functional situation loading saving - wnat to continue your flight tomorrow? Just save it and continue in exactly the same spot, exactly same configuration another day. We also autosave every 5 minutes, should x-plane ever crash.
* Tons of more stuff on the website.

As QPAC ceased its engagement in consumer flight simulation, the new Airbus is coming under the umbrella of a new brand: ToLiSs.

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Folks, it's coming! Ramzess from Flight Factor announced the public beta phase of the A320 Ultimate will start early next week. Cf. the link below for his full statement, including criteria for entering on the beta.

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The Aeroworx team has done a phantastic job in porting the Jahn DC-3/C47 from P3D to X-Plane. Mind you, this stuff is freeware and currently labelled beta, and for that, it's truly mind-blowing...
Aeroworx Douglas C-47
Aeroworx Douglas C-47

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X-Plane 11.10 public beta is not far now. The list of changes is quite impressive; amongst them:

* New Garming G1000 GPS device
* Individual joystick & keyboard profiles per aircraft
* New shadow calculation model
* AI and ATC improvements
* X-Plane SDK major upgrade to 3.0

and a lot more stuff you can check out at the link below.

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Some news from ksgy, the guy behind the fabulous freeware Let L-410: according to some of his latest forum posts at the Org, he's working on an update of the Let, bringing a loadsheet, precipitation animation on the windscreen, an improved and more realistic engine model and some stronger intolerance vs. abusive pilots (burning pitot tube, engine fire if operating outside envelope, etc.).

Just take a look at the link posted below, I talk about the linked posts and some posts of his further down the thread.
Let L-410 UVP-E / Turbolet
Let L-410 UVP-E / Turbolet

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SimCoders has released v3.0 of their Reality Expansion Pack (ok, was back in May already, I just missed it...). I downloaded it yesterday and took it for a ride with the Baron. The new look & feel is really nice; haven't tested it with XP11 yet, though.

In terms of stability it seems to be a bit more touchy than the 2.x series: The amount of fuel is not shown correctly if more than two digits are needed (try putting 70 USG in each wing tank and then switch to metric units... that's what I mean ;-) - or load the 70 USG while in metric units, and the load sheet will not change correctly), and relocating the aircraft post loading is not a good idea either (after selecting a better ramp start position, I was not able to manipulate chocks etc. anymore, and they were not animated as well).

Otherwise it's working fine, and a great enhancement to the older Carenado birds. Now I just hope Carenado also does something with the Baron and the two Bonanzas, bringing them into good shape for XP11...
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