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Big Wheel Drift maybe this will be the next in the Fast & Furious series.
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im scared to go down a nice neighborhood and see 5 year olds drifting down the streets in their trikes. Probably putting the "pink slips" (toys r us reciepts) on the line too.
+Atenedoro Gonzalez well I think you'll be in luck soon...we have the technology and my daughter is five I could totally see her wanting to do this. She's such an adrenaline seeker.
+Pearl Lombardo I am trying to image the conversation that would take place. "Hey girl, wanna come back to my place after I finish this race?" "Oh, what kind of race" "Trike drifting"...hrmm...
It's a 'feel good' video until you knock your grill out on the bumper of that car coming at you.
man I would grind the wheels down drifting all the time as a kid, until you couldnt ride it anymore.

remember when you got the 'flat spot' and when you rode it was like "kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk"
or drag your bare feet on the road a little. ouch
I know I'm a girl but I had two brothers and it brings back great memories for me!! :)
The Green Machine was the BEST for drifting. I need an 'adult' size!
+Kimberly Lackey you just ruined my morning.."I know Im a girl but" ... it isnt a girl boy thing! Eff the sexists and play hard woman!
I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean it that way at all!! Please have a great day!! Just think of it as funny!!!
whear did you film that becuse that is asume
Dαn J
Can't stand the song with it but this looks fun
Looks fun, but I had to mute it.
CRAZINESS!!! I wanna try :P, but I don't want to fall on my face in the process, and we all know that's exactly what would happen...
C'mon what's a little asphalt and face time to stop you +Karimah Kenney, maybe a hockey mask is in order.
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