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Vulture Villain, take 2

Another pass at one of the bad guys for the new Boulder and Fleet comic. Based on input from kind folks on G+, I'm taking a stab at a more feminine look for the character.

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this reminds me of space ghost coast to coast, which i just love, nice work.
You might consider a more closed posture -- defensive, blocking. The shoulder pads also read as masculine. Definitely more feminine.
I'll have you know that I spent most of last night looking at portraits and arguing with pretend-you about posture and positioning! Nearly two hours, I spent thinking on this!
Ha! You've got me thinking really hard about this, too. Kept sketching typical waist-twisted poses, which came out looking like swimsuit shots. Not at all what I want for this character. So now I'm crunching on what the fundamentals of a "feminine pose" actually is. Going back to art school with this one, thanks to you!
I get distracted by Ridley from Aliens, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do here.
Yeah, I'm trying for "undead-ish demon lady" version of a Disney villain. But the challenge of it gets me thinking that I'm on the right track with the character.
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