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Google+: 10 Things it Does Better - CNN

Many thanks to my Google+ circles for suggestions on what Google+ does better than other social networks -- I hope I did you justice! Also managed to credit those who inspired tips, including +Jen Delisle , +Inniya Kim and more - thanks folks!

What did I miss? What other reasons do you give to people to try G+?

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This is awesome! :) I want this for my office! I wish it was for sale!
(Great suggestion, +Kristen Johnson)
Whenever I see something interesting on Google+ and want to share it, I generally try to find a link back to the original content creator.

How I sleuthed out the origins of this photo is a fun illustration of the complexies of "authorship" on the web today. What I usually do is take advantage of the Google Goggles feature that was relatively recently added to Google Image Search. When you go to, you'll see a little camera link at the end of the search box. If you click on it, you can enter the URL of a photo or upload a photo to search for. It's amazing how many different places this image now lives on the web.

Working from the premise that first appearance of a piece of media on the web is a decent (if flawed) measure of "authorship" for non-blockbuster content, I found the image below by looking at publishing dates for each of the images in the search result: That site also has a lot of other cool clocks. But upon closer examination, lo and behold, it says in fine print the photo was uploaded via Google+ by +Sidney Cardoso. :-)

From my research looking at similar images, I'm pretty sure this is just a mashup of the logo with the real clock (which doesn't seem to actually be for sale), but it fun none the less. :-)

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