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Jerry “Jai” T. Joseph
Life is an ADVENTURE... and it's all just a DREAM
Life is an ADVENTURE... and it's all just a DREAM

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Surfing the Airlines
So guess I'm going
to Dallas, TX after all, which means I'll get to be a part of King's new music
video for his recently released hit song "I shot em" .  I remember the excitement I felt when King
described to me his vision for the video.  Thanks to my Muse...

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The ESSENCE of Humanity
The ESSENCE of Humanity is CONNECTION. Think of ATTRACTION as a craving or desire for a deeper connection. The deepest form of connection is one that promotes the greatest INTIMACY . The greatest form of intimacy one can experience is directly proportional ...

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What IS a Fulfilling Lifestyle of PURPOSE?
So you wonder, what
exactly IS a fulfilling lifestyle?   Definition: My definition of success is a lifestyle that feeds your
lifestyle.   In other words, work
that you are proud to declare that occupies a majority of your waking
life.  Something you can do ...

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Saturday morning, Eve of Halloween .  I woke up with a
tremendous feeling of purpose.  IMMEDIATELY I began writing my thoughts of inspiration that flowed from
the recess of my overly enthusiastic mindset. 
With approximately 3 hours on the clock before expe...

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Introducing... the UNIVERSAL Laws
The Laws are principles that function in our Universe. Ever-present, seen or unseen by the human eye, these unspoken agreements direct the planets and stars in the orchestra of life. They swell the tides and temper the earth. They keep rhythm beating in the...

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Added to my reading list.  OBE adventures here we gooooooo

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When you find your Muse...
MAGICAL things happen. Definition ( according to Google ) Muse: A force [usually] personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Your Muse should not be utilized as a reward , but rather a lifestyle enhancement . Utilize you...

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Effective Communication while Traveling...
So the greatest messenger app that I've experienced so far apparently now has a web interface ( full app features limiting ) so you can receive and send messages from multiple devices without mobile interface or app environment!! Some more groovy informatio...

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I've discovered A LOT of people lacking purpose in
their daily activities and as a result find themselves experiencing very little
freedom in their chosen lifestyle.  If
you desire more direction and fulfillment from your chosen activities, feel
free to use...

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On Overcoming the Procrastination of Perfectionism and getting back into ACTION
So the past couple of weeks has been a wild ride .   So many amazing new experiences to share, and so much valuable content waiting to be posted. That's the thing. I never thought I'd be creating a blog.   Hell-- In my highschool yearbook I'd have been most...
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