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Pick a lane or pick a target!
Pick a lane or pick a target!

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Excuse me +3D Virtual Tabletop - can you please mute the "joke" spam dude Greedy Assassin? It's obnoxious.

+3D Virtual Tabletop 

Can you please tell me how to cancel my subscriptions on the existing app service. I have them through both iOS and Android for my players.+

+3D Virtual Tabletop 

So, I'm having an issue getting my maps to sync between my GM session and my player session. I have never had this issue before, and I have a game tonight :(

So, I've been very disengaged for a few months. Stuff has been happening and I had to pull back from social media just to have time to deal with stuff. :)

I just pulled down the core book from my shelf and broke the spine in. I flipped through it and I love it. I read a few of the race descriptions, I flipped through the rest of the book and paused in places where it caught my eye. The book is well laid out and elegant in places. I enjoy the art and the way the presentation style mirrors the flavor of the system.

To me this book is a big reason why, while I like "generic" systems in theory - they always seem to fall a little flat. A system with a world shaped around it gives a much richer feel.

Of all the Kickstarters I have backed (112 and counting) this is by far one of my favorites! Thank you to Rook and Tim for sharing their creation with me and the rest of the gamers!

So firstly, I am very impressed. I initially backed this KS because I thought it was an awesome idea but I had no use for it simply because my main games were over hangouts. Now that my two remote players have moved home though I am extremely happy with the work you have done :). This is going to maske my home games much nicer.

First a question: How do I get more guest spots? (Will happily pay.)

I apologize if these have already been mentioned but a few things that hit me right off.

One critical usability enhancement you might want to consider: Offer the ability to create container objects (like folders) in the user uploaded content. I can see myself having a lot of custom uploaded icons and maps. I'll be using this for both a D&D 5e game, and a Shadowrun 4th edition game, so I'll be uploading a lot of custom tokens at least. Being able to keep my Shadowrun tokens separate from my D&D tokens will be pretty important just to keep my frustration levels down.

Some additional items down the road:
- The ability to edit a map and change the number of squares.
- The ability to edit the names of tokens and maps

Thanks for the wonderful work - love what you've done so far. :)

So I'm running my 4e game tonight and my Chaos Mage wants to start looking for some pretty rare spells. Mind Probe being one of the more forbidden ones.

What kind of process do you use for your players when they start looking for this sort of thing? I know that some GMs feel the mental spells are game breaky however I am willing to accommodate them, so answers of "I wouldn't allow it..." are not helpful.

Statement: I use Roll20 for my Meatspace games. After running a Roll20 game of Traveller for 2+ years, prepping my games in Roll20 is dead easy.
Up until now I just use a dual laptop setup. A Macbook Pro hooked to a player session of the Roll20 with a projector that projects onto the ceiling. Me controlling the action from my Surface Pro 3.

What I am thinking of doing is setting up a second player session from a tablet but the old iPad 1 we have floating around is not sufficient.

I want to pick up an inexpensive table for my players to use to move their icons(preferably $100 or less but I am flexible). Most of my players do not have tablets of their own.

What tablet (Android or Windows) would you recommend for this purpose? It needs to be able to run the Roll20 VTT relatively easily either via Hangouts or the Roll20 Website.

Does anyone have any experience / recommendations around this?

Hi everyone.

I have to say that GoPlayNW was the best convention experience I have ever had. I've been to Gamestorm a couple times and my friend Tomer who attended with me has attended Strategicon 7 or 8 times now, and his opinion was very similar.

I think that everyone at this con is so focused on making this con enjoyable for everyone that it is nearly impossible to have a bad experience. I made so many great new friends and played in so many amazing games that I cannot imagine not making this con my top priority in the future!

Thanks for such an amazing time and I look forward to next year!!

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