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Dream it, Live it, Love it

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How can a smart goal be useful (or even smart) when they report a conversion when absolutely no conversion happens? 

Why Did Google+ remove the direct link to my Google+ account in the top Google menu when logged in? I did not change any preferences, nor can I find a setting to add it back. Without the link going to G+ becomes an afterthought. Why would they disconnect this valuable bridge to G+?

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If you love Golf, if you grew up hacking around a Muni and have a strong desire to make a difference for local kids to enjoy the same. You're going to love this.  Golf courses and local Munies are dying all across the country, taxes, water costs, all sorts of reasons. But things are changing for the better because of just one little Goat. Share this story on how one lovable golf course called "Goat Hill" is creating the new model for golf courses that enhance the environment, not impact it. Use little grass, utilize reclaimed water, and provide a safe habitat for animals and teens alike (redundant I know).

Watch the video and I know you'll be as moved as I was... Heck Caddy Shack's Bill Murray and Masters Winner Adam Scott think so to!

So Google removed the Google+ link from my top bar a couple months ago... Since then I have hardly engaged with Google plus. Is Google intentionally trying to ween people off of G+?

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Bong, Bang, Bing!
Once again Bing/Yahoo Microsoft/Adcenter/Microsoft advertising or whatever platform name you wish to call it this week, is yet again changing how you login.  Went through all the hoops, finally logged in only to see that none of our PPC accounts were there, but we did have access to an account we have zero relationship with. Good to know nothing much has changed at Microsoft or Yahoo.

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Not sure if I'm late to the party on this one, but Adobe, this ad campaign is spot on and FUNNY! Well done.

Important Notice for Adwords PPC users:

Google will be deleting your inactive ads and keywords!
Starting the week of March 23, 2015, Google is "simplifying" your account by deleting your ads and keywords that have never accrued any impressions and have been removed for more than 100 days. Once these ads and keywords have been deleted, you will no longer be able to see or access them in your account.

If you have been using Adwords as a way to store old ads, keywords or data in general be sure to review your keywords and ads and back up the historical data so that you are able to revert to them later if needed.

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Mobile search and mobile site optimization is growing in importance every day. You don't have a responsive website? Make it happen before Q3 2015.
Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm is launching soon and we’ve learned that it runs in real-time on a page-by-page basis already. But as we also learned this week at SMX West, factors like page-speed signals for ranking are based on the desktop version, not the mobile version. Interesting...

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Lead Discovery Digital Marketing is proud to launch another website for our fantastic client and friends at 3D Tactile Graphics. Not only was this a fun eCommerce website and marketing plan to build, but the products are helping the visually disabled community. Awesome! Check their new responsively designed eCommerce website out at:
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