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Jerry Kline
Writer for Alt Dot Games,, and A probable INTJ type.
Writer for Alt Dot Games,, and A probable INTJ type.

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We're live! This was a while in the making, but was a lot of fun. More to come.

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Our first video for our new Eye For Games series is live now!

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100 Atari games for $17 on Steam.

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Windows Stores games for Win10 sounds terrible. No vsync, modding, etc. Lots of options missing!

2015 started out a little more promising than 2014, but the past couple months have been rough.'s to 2016? Let's hope it's great.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your holiday is great. If not, I hope you can make it great.

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Lately it has been a bit quiet around Eye For Games. Because of the new developments around EFG we are not able to release the August issue or any other issues this year.

There's something big happening and we can't wait to share this with you. However please keep in mind that these new developments will take time and only limited updates will be posted until we can share more about this.

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(1980) Puck-Man Arcade
Game not available in North America.

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AlphaFeed episode one! That's what's new! 

In these vidcasts we checkout games in alpha or beta stage. Making it possible to discuss art, music, story, design and more.

Support, share and give us feedback to improve AlphaFeed and create more episodes!
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