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Headless Ducks

O.K. I am not posting this photo because I think it is beautiful. I'm posting it because I think it's funny!!

I did try to get the colors to match what I saw at the pond that day: brown water, a pinkish white duck and a plain old brown duck. But this photo is offered up to all the kind people who follow me on G+, because it's Wednesday and I wanted to give you a smile!! Hope it works. :-)

I wonder if these two ducks every knocked their heads together under water while they were foraging for food? hehe
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I'm not sure what they are doing down there ;)
Maybe they are gossiping about you and says "Not again?.. here comes +Jerry Johnson with his camera..." Hehehehe... ☺
Look at that. I leave my desk for a few hours & come back to you messing around. :oD

+Jerry Johnson, I can only assume you heard me laughing out loud. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks -- this one is hysterical! BTW, you still haven't taken me to see these goofy ducks -- what gives? ;o)
I didn't hear you laugh because I had headphones on +Kari Johnson, but I'm glad to know you did. :-)

Regarding the visit to the park... you've been a bit busy as of late!! Perhaps next week will work though!
...oh didn't wanted to be in the middle of that, will silently withdraw now
Nice shot of headless ducks Jerry.

Have you ever seen them with the front half totally submerged with only the bums sticking up out of the water? - That's pretty funny looking.
I have +walter gawronski and I actually have a shot where at least a couple of bums are up in the air! :-) These two ducks were in shallow water and I think that's why the bums are not tipped up.
+Jerry Johnson this interesting shot  gives a whole new meaning to the ole saying....
 "Two heads are better than one" heh!heh! :)
And we worry about texting and driving.
Ms. & Mr. McDuck must have seen you coming! ...(again). This is hilarious!!! Have an awesome Wednesday Jerry :-D
OMG it's the paps and we didn't put our make up on,,,quick hide! How long can you hold your breath for? I don't know but I'm willing to give it a go til he disappears....
Liz C
Smiling from Denver!
Liz C
So far so good! Getting some fun captures along the way, you've been seeing :-))
Tey yu
thanks for your sharing, funny~
there must be something sweet :-))
Nice catch! It's not easy to get the timing right, I've been trying that a number of times.
Also, it instantly reminded me of a Jim Carrey line from the movie 'Dumb and dumber':
"We got no food, no jobs... our PETS' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!"
It's wonderful to see a humorous capture!
+Benjamin Kappel Schmidt thanks for the excellent comment! And I'm quite thankful for your ability to link my post to this super popular movie. My ducks would be proud of this for certain. LoL
+Jerry Johnson hehe, they probably bumped into each other because they couldn't see where they were going...
Thanks for putting a smile on my face and no doubt on many others, too!
+Sonja McAlister a little smile on the face is good for picking up a person's demeanor once and a while. I'm glad you like the photo and I hope you're having a wonderful day!
+Sumit Sen thank you sir!! And perhaps I will post a few more funny ones in the future that ALSO have improved image quality after I go through all your upcoming G+ bird photography tutorials. Can't wait!!
+Lupe M. Luevano I am very happy that my photo hit the smile mark!!! I am smiling as I think about these silly ducks giving you a smile. :-)
+Robert SKREINER thank you kind sir! It's sole intent was to bring a smile to a few faces. :-) Silly ducks they were!
+Christopher Dael thank you sir! Putting a little fun into my photos on occasion protects me from myself. I can get a bit to serious if I don't watch myself. :-)
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