Spencer's Perspective

My friend +Jari Huomo asked me a couple days ago when I was going to post another sketch from one of my six children. So I post this for Jari!! Hope you like it. :-)

My wife +Kari Johnson and I have always marveled at the many gifts Spencer possesses (he is our eldest son). We really don't look at his autism as a "disability" in the traditional sense. Why? Because Spencer has so many talents that are a part of his autism that we love and appreciate. Drawing is one of his talents. For years and years he has been able to draw complex scenes like this one. It's hard to tell from this photo, but his perspective is excellent and he rarely, if ever, has a "3D element" in one of his drawings that is out of place. His perspective and his vanishing points come naturally as he has never studied the art of drawing/sketch work. He completes all his drawings by connecting one line to the next line in a very mechanical fashion as he develops each drawings. He puts the pencil down on the paper, draws the line, lifts the pencil. Repeat... Until it is finished!

O.K. I know nothing about drawing, so I'll end my description of Spencer's work there! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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