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It has the AMOLED screen too! Where have these been hiding this whole time?
My Nexus One makes a real nice desk clock on the kitchen counter. It was a terrible device that gets far too much praise from the android faithful. The display was over saturated with red, the camera had an awful pink blur in the center of all pictures and the touchscreen was wonky and not very accurate. At least it had a cool style and felt really good in the hand. I think I'll pass on another one...
Oh, I did more than considerate it.
NS4G is still my choice. Unless I find a way to get a Nexus 4, I'm stickin w NS4G
Still using mine since it debuted (typing this on it). Next will be the N4 it seems (because I'm broke), but I will keep my trusty N1 around...

It's almost like a pet you have for years, and when the day comes you don't want to say goodbye... With all the little problems it has, I've survived three years with it and I must say, if there is one phone that is the best phone, it's this one.
Yeah. Most beautiful phone ever. Dropped it a few times and it kept on working. Got a few nicks on the aluminum, though. So, considering a new one just to look at while actually using its big brother, the beautiful HTC Droid DNA.
I bought one.  I've been wanting to try some prepaid providers in my area and this seems like a good way to do it.
I too was thinking about this since I wanted one so badly like 3 years ago. However, after having my nexus 7 and living it, I really think I'll wait until I can get a nexus 4. I jumped on the prepaid bandwagon awhile back and I'll never go back to the expensive contracts.
This just makes me desire that HTC make another pure aosp device. 
absolutely i want another one...
my son uses my old N1, and dropped it, cracking it slightly.

only question, is this the ATT or TMOBILE model?
it would be sweet to have as a collector's item 
O how I stilllll love my Nexus One.  
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