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"I was wondering if someone here would be able to modify it so it would not submit data to Asus and void the warranty."

You deserve locked hardware. 
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damn, i unlocked my device and lost warranty just cause i want my device to have better performance to act like a high end tablet.
You mean having a warranty doesn't mean that I'm allowed to fuck with my device however I want and expect the company to fix it if I break it? #evilcorporations
+Jerry Hildenbrand +Jeromy Mogharbel  I'd still want a warranty if the physical hardware broke... Just like how I'd expect a warranty to be upheld if I installed Ubuntu on a Dell desktop and the HDD failed.
+Brandon French then you should buy a product that offers that. Reading and agreeing to terms, and giving hundreds of dollars to the people who made those terms, then trying to circumvent the terms you agreed to is not the way to go. It makes you dishonest, and makes manufacturers think twice about offering open hardware a second time. That ruins it for me. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand I guess I agree with you. I just wish we lived in a perfect world where you don't need an agreement to do what you want with your hardware. If the agreement still allowed for a warranty against failure of hardware that would be awesome, but impractical. :\
Why are these tablets locked to begin with, and why aren't they running stock Android as well? What excuse does Asus give? Must be those evil carriers again, right? Oh, wait ... :P
+Chris Odum you can install an apk file from ASUS and unlock them easily. But it can affect any warranty claims, which leads to people not wanting to take responsibility for what they have done. 
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