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This fellow might know a thing or two about resolution and screen scaling :)
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There products are fine on their own. Their marketing/ distortion field is just hilarious. I swear if Jobs/Cook swore their shit don't stink, fanboys would wear it as cologne.
So they felt they had to compare it to a 7" tablet, a device not in their intended market?
The distortion field is strong on this one ;-) 
Apple would never admit Jobs was wrong. 
Aren't they bragging about how thin it is too?  You're gonna need a lot of sandpaper....
gah! I just spent waaaay to long reading all the comments....
Sad thing is that people on the fence of buying another tablet for their kids to use WILL pay 330 for a mini instead of a full size iPad 3 or 4. From their side of the Walled Garden, this tablet makes sense for them.
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