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I beat you Google Play. 
Your tears are delicious.
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I would have had more admiration for your feat if it was the 16GB model :p
We've all been beaten by the 16gb one though!
Nice, did you accidently buy 3 like I did? The error messages I guess weren't all true...
My order for the 16 gb version shows pending in Google Wallet
+Jerry Hildenbrand ha, funny how that works out. I try to buy 1 and I buy 3. You try to buy 5 and you get one. At least I can sell them for how much I bought them for.
I've got myself a confirmation email for a nice shiny 16GB.  I prefer more storage to put movies on for air travel.
+Alex Fischer That is just wrong on so many different levels. I'm always amazed by people who do that.
I got mine through after a fraud alert from my bank.  I can't wait to see you precious 16gb Nexus 4.  :-D
+Samuel Lehman it is wrong, I mean I understand charging a bit more to cover what ebay would take and shipping, but to charge twice the price is ridiculous
I'm getting charged for two Nexus 10s in the flurry of orders and errors. Consider yourself lucky.
+Jim Moore Yes, its wrong to get extra while others are wanting it pretty badly and then turn around and extort them for more money. 
The 16GB version of the Nexus 4 sold out within 10 minutes of it going on sale in the UK
I'm back to rage, for some reason my order was just canceled.  >:-O
Wow, Jerry nabbed one of the 13 phones Google actually had ready on their "release" day.  Way to turn down my money Google, maybe windows ph is the way to go....
+Jerry Hildenbrand I don't mind waiting for it as long as I no it's going to get here.  I might cry after seeing a confirmation and cancellation. 
got a 16gb and a bumper. puss enough?
Woke up to my Nexus 4 alarm I set last night, rolled over, opened up my computer, and ordered a 16 gig and a bumper. 
This is odd: If I go to the play store via the URL directly ( I can purchase the new Nexus devices. If I use the Chrome App, I can only be notified when they are available. Give it a shot if you are still waiting for them to go on sale...
Strike that, simply spamming refresh on the same page yields different results: Available/Not Available.
I just ordered the Nexus 7 HSPA+ !!!! Awesome that it's 2 day shipping!
I thought +Phil Nickinson gave you permission to buy a 100 of them on the podcast a couple weeks ago, not just one. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand I wonder how many they made in first production? Was Google not expecting the Nexus to sell like gangbusters, is that why its selling out every ware and also why they didn't make the Google Play page more robust to handle the traffic?
+Jerry Hildenbrand will we ever find out what the actual stock was for release day? i feel very fortunately to have been able to get one. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand said he was gonna get his 8 GB version, and he did! I got my 16 GB version, and ain't a damn thing wrong with it!
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