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LED's arrived today (<3 FedEx Saturday delivery). 288 type 3014 superbrights. My box of water is now a box of light.

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Cichlid are great, I used to keep Oscars when I had a tank. 
One day when the kids are grown and gone I want an aquarium. 
+Bunny Brown My wife loves oscars, but our water is so hard and I'm too old to fuss with water chemistry, so we went with the Africans.

+James Crute I highly recommend it :)
This makes me want to refurbish one of our old tanks and start from scratch. So pretty.
nice, i need to put some livestock back into my salt water tank. get rid of that mag tank cleaner, it WILL scratch your tank.
Had a friend who had an Oscar and a Snakehead that grew to scary size. Is that a 30 gallon or bigger?
Favorite fish I ever had was a Polypterus Palmas - badass dragons. Took out a large crayfish once - must have been a hell of a battle. 
Found a newt(red spotted) in my basement at start of winter. Gave him/her a warm home for the winter
You should have built your own led fixture, its super easy!
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