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Holy shit. I just used PayPal and gave someone my name and address!
To the blogmobile!
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2.65 internets worth of porn.
People are also forgetting that our accounts are connected to or Google+ accounts. We often share more information about ourselves than we are conscious of. And yet we continue to willingly tag photos, check in, post pictures of our children and talk about work. All for the internet to see, and we have no problem with that. But some developer finds out your town and suddenly its panic. Stfu
Shit... I did the same with Amazon last night. Breaksclusive: people you pay for things know where you live! 
The only people panicking are those that have never opened up the developer console. I read a blog article about it and it was quite clear the author had never actually been there himself. As I've said elsewhere, good luck getting a refund from me if there isn't a name and email address attached to your receipt, otherwise it's your responsibility to remember your receipt number.... And how many will keep that.

People also are forgetting that if the app has a lot of downloads, then the developer has made a lot of money and selling the emails of his customers is likely more trouble than it's worth considering the Dev already is making a lot of money on the app.

Scary, all they have to do is use google maps to see what your house looks like in Street View, I do it all the time to see where my Ebay sales are going. :)
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