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Last one. A tiny planet pic of the first photosphere.

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Apparently if you add a frame, it gets rid of the black hole in the middle.
it does, but the black hole looks good on this one I thought lol
It looks a bit like an eye. haha
it looks weird when you try to view it in full screen on google plus website.. 
That is the most worthless, unviewable piece of crap image I have ever seen (with all respect to Google for trying).
+Jerry Hildenbrand Ha. Actually, there's a 360 degree photo in the app store that's been there for years. I've never been able to get good results from it. Worse, it uses some proprietary platform to show the image, so rather than share it,  you can only share a link to the viewer. Google+ is the only place Photo Sphere images can be viewed, right? And Google Maps/Earth, if Google chooses to use it? 
+Eric Zeman yep, and that's unfortunate. Mine admittedly suck (how good can a bunch of old farms look in some crazy artsphere thing-a-ma-bob) but you know somewhere, someone will find a picture that looks great this way. 

And only people on Google+ will be able to see it.
They're completely open though, anyone can build a viewer. In fact I've already seen one shared on here.
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