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Spent a day with the wife today. No internet, phone on mute in pocket.

Was great, and I didn't miss any of you. :)
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david h
The first time I tried that I gave up after an hour
The was no second time
Yet here you are! Don't worry Jerry, We love you 
My wife made me do that once too, glad you made it back....
I do it for large chunks of every weekend, except when I'm texting my friends to see what's up.
Yep -- I think because I do it for a living, I don't need mobile tech as much when I'm not~
I can relate. We do that in our household at least once a week. =)
Seems like you did since you went on in the evening lol
Surely you had a hard time without the world wide web…
+Jerry Hildenbrand While you were taking your internet break... did you figure out how to get LTE working on your Nexus 4?
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