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Nah, unless he took the shot, it's nothing but an interesting photo. And book cover worthy at that. 
"child" looks like he's cleaning an AK... 
Just reminded me of how I sit while cleaning a rifle. 
I'm sure this doesn't qualify as "How to Win Friends and Influence People".  Wow.!!!
I agree with +Lucas Sherman unless he took the shoot, who cares. I would also like the say as well, as someone that has been over there two times I will say that some of these "kids" are killers. I know its not their fault but when it comes down to it you have to what is needed to save your or your buddy's life. I know it is not something that people want to hear, but war is ugly and most people should be grateful to never see. With that said unless you been there you don't have the right to judge, not saying that some soldiers don't do stupid or horrible things cause they do but that lifestyle breeds that behavior. So anyone that sits home and judge could be the one doing these appalling thing that you don't agree with if you was over there.
IF this picture is as it appears and it was YOUR kid with a sniper rifle pointed at his or her head would you be so laid back about it?
There were snipers at the Superbowl scanning the crowd through their scopes just like this during the whole game.
As a father to two kids no I would not but again if no shoot than who cares, if he took the shoot than that kid better of been a threat. If the kid wasn't than that sniper needs to be put in jail for his actions.
"As a father to two kids no I would not" so why is someone else's kid different? We obviously have no information about this photo but if it's as it appears at first glance, it's pretty f***ing insane. That's all.
I also said after that if no shoot was taken who cares. I wasn't justifying his actions but we also don't know the events surrounding this photo.  We can't even tell if it is really a kid for that matter....
This is the eventual expected outcome of training people to be killing machines.
No, this is the outcome of allowing soldiers to take cameras and cell phones out on guard and patrol. The sniper's PCC/PCI's were either not conducted or they didn't include a prohibition on photography tools. 
This is a land grab plain and simple. Occupy and subjugate the natives, by any means necessary. So one of the natives is a kid with his back to you. Great! Shoot him. Almost impossible to miss. This policy is a tried and true method. Doubt me? Live in the USA? Then step outside and ask any Native American if I am wrong. Oops!... My bad... There are none left. Well technically there are some left... in the Refugee Camps. Sorry, On The Reservations!
For the records. GAZA! That's what I say. Unapologetically, GAZA!!! A GAZA ME SEH! 
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