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Magic LTE has no need for mundane things like antennae, or amplifiers, or even FCC certification.

All that is needed is Leprechaun sperm and an OTA.
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David B
Watch out for that Lucky charm OTA....
Yes, I forgot that power has to get to those radios and there's no amp in the phone to do that. And those things called antenna. Might need some of those too. One can dream though.
I'll bring the sperm you bring the ota ;-)
Apple probably patented 'Lucky Charms' along with the recent Page Turn animation patent, so no they probably can't use them anymore. :P
Instetesting! They did mention T-Mobile LTE Band Was going to be the one that it works on! (Scratching my head)

This is good news indeed.  This phone has a little future proofing.
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