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Looks like the perfect place for a comment shitstorm. I'm not looking, try not to kill each other :)
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Accidentally bought two Nexus 10s. Cancelled one of the orders later when I saw $800 disappear from my bank account.
 I hope u enjoy that Nexus 10.  I'm contemplating getting the HSPA+ N7.
+Sean Baker, I would love to get the Nexus 7 or another +HSPA device, but T-Mobile's coverage in my area is awful. It was so bad two years ago that T-Mo paid my girlfriends contract out and reimbursed her for her 3 months she had paid for because the coverage was virtually nonexistent. 
+Dylan Tracy that was the worst part of the process. You didn't know if you actually ordered it so you had to keep trying. I wasn't sure until I checked my bank account. 
The 8g comes available from time to time but I want the 16g. 
Apparently yes I did. Took an international phone call to find out as well
Is the one tmobile is selling the same as the unlocked one? Thinking about getting from T-Mobile store to use on my att sim 
Bring a raincoat. A brown one. ;)  +Martin Vataj If you want to pay $150 more @ T-Mobile for the same phone, be my guest. Pay no attention to the snickering behind the curtain. 
I got mine ordered by 09:05 PST, I did have one error during ordering.
I'm still trying to get a 16gb version

No luck had it in the cart 4x just kept saying error
I was able to get one. Threw a temper tantrum when I realized that chrome was the only browser. I was afraid I would never have flash on my phone ever again. I was going to send it back and keep my Galaxy nexus since it could play flash content. I got it worked out though. Using App Monster 2 I copied the apk file for flash from my Galaxy Nexus to Google drive. Then I downloaded it to my Nexus 4. I researched which mobile browser could use flash. I found fire fox and installed it. Now my Nexus 4 is the best smart phone I've ever owned. 
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