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Something against male nudity in videos about truffles?  :P
This video has no male nudity, hence the 100% less tag. Now I realize that your inner mathematician is screaming that zero instances of male nudity is not truly 100% less, as zero is not a percentage of anything -- rather the absence of it. But I'm using the 100% less term in its more common, colloquial form. 

I have never offered an opinion or judgement about this absence of male nudity, only delivered the information that this particular video has none. Where are you getting your data that I am for, or against, male nudity in online documentaries about edible hallucinogens? 
You did feel the need to point it out.
I complained to Jerry that TV in Amsterdam has too many nude men in! 
Now that I have the whole story it makes more sense lol.
I think I would rather look at a nude male! These truffles look like something phlem based that I've seen on the sidewalk walking around the city. 
For many years they grew on our school fields, it was the naive 70's and none of the teachers cared. I never partook but my brother did and many, many other people. :-) 
ha ha wow just wow. now we can play $2000 per lb for truffles instead of $200-$900
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