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Something against male nudity in videos about truffles?  :P
This video has no male nudity, hence the 100% less tag. Now I realize that your inner mathematician is screaming that zero instances of male nudity is not truly 100% less, as zero is not a percentage of anything -- rather the absence of it. But I'm using the 100% less term in its more common, colloquial form. 

I have never offered an opinion or judgement about this absence of male nudity, only delivered the information that this particular video has none. Where are you getting your data that I am for, or against, male nudity in online documentaries about edible hallucinogens? 
You did feel the need to point it out.
I complained to Jerry that TV in Amsterdam has too many nude men in! 
Now that I have the whole story it makes more sense lol.
ha ha wow just wow. now we can play $2000 per lb for truffles instead of $200-$900
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