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Playing with Windows 8 tonight for a project. Seems that Installing HTC Sync disables MTP for everything else. I dunno why, but I can verify this happens every single time on my computer. It's easy to fix. (tl;dr -- Windows sucks, HTC Sync sucks)

1. Install HTC Sync if you need to, then restart.
2. Plug in a device that uses the generic Microsoft MTP driver.
3. Find it in the device manager (look for the yellow triangle)
4. Right click, and choose "Update Driver Software ..."
5. Choose "Browse my computer for driver software"
6. Choose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
7. Scroll down and pick "portable devices", click Next
8. Choose Standard MTP Device > MTP USB Device
9. When it warns you that things may go tits up, click yes anyway.

I hate Windows.
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Um, it's Windows. Number 9 should read as follows: "When it warns you that things may go MORE tits up, click yes anyway."
tobby o
Does HTC Sync still work after reinstalling the MTP device(s) or is this a case of mutual exclusivity.
Thanks for the "heads up". I bet a lot of people will run into these sort of issues.

It brings back bad memories of the Bluetooth drivers (and stack) on Windows XP. I could either stream audio OR do BlackBerry Desktop syncs, but not both, and switching meant hours of failed installs and reboots. 
Yeah, I sorta like some aspects of Win 8, but the bad parts are like......
When you're playing golf and you slice your ball into waist high grass, then understate it by saying you're "in the rough".
You're not in the rough, dumbass, you're screwed. 
AirDroid gets sweeter by the minute. 
MTP is one of the few things I HATE about my GS3..
I do not understand why people say Windows sucks but then they still use it.
Sometimes it's a necessary evil. 
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