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Note to self -- just because a word is in your spell-check dictionary, does not mean it is the correct word.

Impotent != Important 
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Haha, ya, if you really want to screw with somebody add the french dictionary to their MS office word profile and it will start auto correcting all kinds of words to french words. Coworker did that to me once and it messed with my head for a full day before I figured out what was going on.
Doesn't that use the word based on how often you use it? :-D 
I hate it when that happens

Yes it's very impotent not to mix them up :-D 
Saw a presentation once at work...topic = public access (to a website).  Entire presentation had typo pubic.  Pubic Access....pubic pubic pubic.  
And then people will go "who cares abt spelling n grammer on internets" 
I know right.
I don't got no grammars in my brain.
but it don't matter nothin' in the real world.
or does it?
No. Forget YOLO

I live by CL9T. cats live 9 times
incorrect use of you're spell chequer can confuse people when their reading it and result in many tiers.
joking aside, the english language is fucked up, i'd hate to be a foreigner learning english.

tear - am i bisecting a page or crying?
leaves - am i going, or am i watching the trees shed their greenery for the autumn?
shed - am i removing something, or am i in my garden putting the lawnmower away? 
date - am i looking at my calendar, am i out with a beautiful lady, or am i munching on the fruit of the phoenix dactylifera?

and don't get me started on two/to/too, they're/there/their, and of/off.
You forgot I and eye, and all the acronyms.
YOLO. CL9T. and all of the "y u no" memes. 
What do u think Jerry.
btw, im mike's son.
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