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7:44 PM EST, Canada: just refreshed. Nothing. 
I freaking love you guys. Can't wait to sideload this! Still got 20 minutes of commute left!
any idea when this is coming to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? should be just a couple hours (maybe a few days at most). I'll post in forums the second I see it...

pff >_<
No OTA here for Nexus 4. Yesterday got for Nexus 7. Germany ;) 
Thanks, just updated mine successfully.
Helen D
No update in Australia yet
What about galaxy nexus? I live in Canada and my provider is Telus.
+David Broome I hope you're being sarcastic. You won't see this update before summer or at least spring.
Will be flashing the Nexus 4 shortly, flashed my Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 earlier today. 
Nexus 7 OTA Update successfull @630ist!
Eric Co
Got n7 ota updated this morning, still waiting for n4 ota
Damn I can't wait!! Received my NEX 4 only a week ago. And I've fallen in love with it. Please gimme my Valentine gift please.
Still waiting for mine here in Cali. Just got it for my n7 and still waiting for my n4, and n10
My Galaxy Nexus updated 2 hours ago. My wife's hasn't yet. 
I just checked my nexus 4 but nothing yet in Canada. (21:15 EST)
Does the ota update work if your rooted or do I have to unroot 1st. Have Nexus 4
Got it a couple hours ago on my gsm Galaxy nexus
Come on people, if you are using anything but a Nexus device you can bet that you won't see an update to 4.2.2 for at least 4 months, if at all. So stop asking. 
Got it! What does it do?
Updated.  All Nexus devices on 4.2.2.
Do they need any proprietary bits from Sprint to get the toroplus update out? 
Got it on one N7?? Still nothing on the other N7 or N10 or N4?? Common give me some more !!!! +Casey Cunningham will we have to reroot after the update I assume so.
Nope, nothing for my nexus 4, just checked 9:20 pm cst
Is there going to be a 4.1 OS for samsung tab 2 .7 and when?
lol at the people questions asking for the update for their non-nexus phones...
Love this...
"Update, what update? How do I get it?"
Hour later,
"Anyone know when the update is coming?"
Two hours later,
"I gotta have this update, its so unfair..."
"What, I can do some magic beans stuff and get it early?"
"I got the update!"

Great, what's it do?
"Not noticed any difference yet..."

The update right through google under system update worked when I got home from work today on my nexus 10. I'm in New York
Guys if u want LTE than dont install it cuz Google turn of LTE in latest update so wait for custom ROM.
See my posts of my new features
Jude L
the price of Nexus 4 is still high in China sad: (
Think it is better to adb sideload than to wait for OTA :) Just did sideload and now rolling with 4.2.2 :)
How can I get it in my galaxy nexus from Verizon 
Emilio angel, you'll have to go the custom ROM route... I'm running Paranoid Android 3 right now on my Vzw gnex. But that's technically only 4.2.1, I love the PIE interface though.
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Still waiting in Tampa Florida nexus 7 and 4.
It's 12:07nn here in Manila, Philippines, but still no OTA for Nexus 4.
Nothing for my nexus 7 !! Still waiting ...(Canada shouldn't wait that long !!) Now for my Galaxy nexus ...(I'm still on 4.1.1! It's getting insulting ?!)
I just updated to 4.2.1 a couple a weeks ago (Sprint Gnex ) so I'm wondering when I'll be getting 4.2.2 ??? ...
A fucking touch screen driver update soon? 
Is this update really cutting off the lte radio.
Jay s
Just got it
Go to Settings, Apps, Find Google Framework Services Clear Data and Force Close App now check system update if you haven't received the ota..
wow. 4.2.2 android version? nice.
Chris C
Rocking 4.2.2 on my Inspire 4G :-D 
I did the Google Framework reset and got the update.
I updated both my galaxy nexus and nexus 7 to 4.2.2:-) 
so cool
Can't wait for eventually 4G support so I can re flash my Rom to run this. I have a GS3 and like stock Android 
Any ladys from louisville ky on here 
My GNexus got the update this morning!
+Alex Wilson nope.... That's why I am still using my GNexus... At least I have the removable battery.
Nothing in the UAE as yet :( ...but I side loaded.. Gotta love Android :)
Helen D
+Rob Aymett Some people have modified their N4 to allow it yo be used on CDMA/4G networks. There are guides on the net on how to do this. It voids warranty though.
Hoping this OTA update would reinstalling my default JB camera, which is disappeared by u-cam application (Ultra Camera), which is now uninstalled due to newest worse quality version
lol ok +Helen D please show me this guide to "convert the Nexus 4 to CDMA"
I got update last night in the UK - Galaxy Nexus
my nexus 7 is root and i still can get the update from Google! now my nexus 7 is running android 4.2.2. report from malaysia!
Got 4.2.2 in my nexus 7 - from India 
Hey what about 4.2 for nexus 3 on 4.1.1
Or if you want LTE, just type into your dialer ##4636## then switch the setting to LTE or whatever network setting you like to use... This Seems like a lot of fuss just to turn on LTE when you can do it the way I just recommended... +1 if you find this helpful ;-)
No update in israel yet ..!
Hey Nathan can u reply for my query too
Nexus 4... still waiting for update in Turkey
+Omar Youssef simply type into your dialer ##4636##
Then change your settings to LTE. I am with Telus and this does work. Then you can just wait for your update instead of rooting. That is if your nexus is a nexus 4. May not work on the old one...
Can u tell me is an update available or any possibility of update for nexus 3 currently working on 4.1.1
For all the hype, im not impressed...seriously, wait 2.5 months for the x phone...its gonna run off droid 5.0....I dunno what u folks are doing dicking around with samsung, its garbage...Motorola builds better phones
CN we download it for nexus 7
Can i update my phn lg E405 os to android 4.2...
4:47 PM in Indonesia (GMT +7); nothing.

Anyone could give me a clue about the battery life? Mine has been abysmal; would love to see this fixed on 4.2.2.
What's the new update going to do this time any major changes?
By breaking LTE, for me in Canada its a no go.
The way the battery charge/percentage is being reported wrong. Went from 100% to 96 then back to 100%
When will this be available for the galaxy note 2? 
But how about g3? I'm in China... One month later? Two?
oh hell no i'm not gonna eat that!!!!
Boot to recovery, adb sideload and boom! No more waiting :-)
This is absolutely amazing can't wait to get it
Oh, that is absolutely fantastic! Can't wait...
Anybody get nexus 7 OTA yet in US?
+Nathan Hildebrandt is that pound code only on the 4.2.2 update? I am with Telus as well and not updating if I'm going to loose lte. The orig menu hack ##4636## was changed then? Ok the stars do not show up...before the pounds after the pounds.
Ugh stuck on a +Verizon Wireless Incredible2. By the time they release this update for my phone people will be using telepathy.

I bet the billing dept isnt this far behind. +Garrett Banks 
Great but do we have an update for galaxy ace plus
+Makaiyah Fields It's now 4 versions behind the GSM version. Why do you have so much faith that it'll be updated?
Denys S
Just confirmed on N4 Canada with 4.2.2 no more LTE tweak. IF you want to keep your LTE don't update and just wait for custom ROM.
+Julian Banks I hear ya bro, im stuck with a droid 2 til april, imma wait til may to upgrade....this nexus crap....the Motorola xphone debuts may 15th with droid 5.0 KeyLime pie....quad core 128 gb internal memory WITH a microsd card expansion slot....HOT STUFF!
Thanks +Denys S . I will be staying at 4.2.1 Google jokers... Fix the touch screen
Not sure why but the g+ won't Let me put in the pound star pound star 4636 star pound star pound
Can I side load this update on my unrooted nexus 4? Is that even possible?
Yeah there is a hot fix to roll back the modem driver after the update but won't void my warranty till after it expires. My frustration is why not join the time Google and actually release a fricken phone with lte, a touchscreen that works flawlessly and bugs that don't exist. Too hard to ask for.
Still no love for my Nexus 4.  On 4.2.1 and it says its up to date.
Bluetooth still a fail. Still cannot answer calls via BT headset
Got my nexus 7 OTA 4 hours ago, US!
Yes. Updated mine via OTA (Australia)
I don't have a Nexus 4, but my Nexus 7 just got updated to 4.2.2 OTA.
Any idea when we getting update for Samsung Tab 2 7.0 in Malaysia. 
Helen D
Got the update yesterday morning in Australia. So about 27 hours ago

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