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The same people who want to use a touchstone and third-party backplate for their Galaxy S3 will spend too much time telling the world the Nexus 4 charging orb is junk/expensive/shit/ugly/old tech, and doesn't have LTE.

I <3 Internets.
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Naw, prefer my Nokia charger that takes half the time of a regular charger.
Nokia is faster? Interesting 
Im planning on mod'n my Note 2
I found it in  Lost & Found at work.  
Wireless charging seems interesting but not quite efficient. 
I don't plan on using wireless chargin, it's too damn slow and inefficient for cranking up the battery on my Note II.
Jerry, what was the brand of charger you mentioned in the podcast yesterday?
Its a novelty at this time
That's how this Nokia charger is, 1.2 amps or something like that.  
Will the nexus charger work with the verizon wireless backplate for the GS3?
S3 touchstone is a piece of sh1t. Soooo slow to charger. Back to eBay it goes. 
Not me. I supported the ecosystem, and glad to do it 
I use the nokiab on my DNA and it takes a bit longer to charge
Can I buy a QI backplate for my Note 2 and put it on the Nexus Charger?
Tried to get the S3 one to work on a Note 2 but no good
I prefer the Zens charger for my nexus 4. Simply because I know it will work with any qi device I will ever own.
I loved the touchstone for my old palm pre. It did its job wonderfully and im sure the nexus orb will work great for the nexus 4 and hopefully future nexus phones as well. I wish my samsung gs3 had wireless charging that came stock with the phone. I know I could mod it to make it work but I dont need to have that on my phone, just it would be a nice option for a $600 phone
I don't even know why people want this? You can't pick up your phone and use it with one of these. Wireless charging is a waste of money unless like they said in a podcast if it was built-in to a nightstand or car dashboard.
+Brian Inglut I would want this because it will save wear and tear on my usb plugin on my phone. And yes, I have wore out usb connections on my phones before.
at this point USB is a better option I still use my phone as its charging unless im sleeping or in a car. Maybe I'm the exception and not the majority but I just don't find it useful. I have owned three smart phones (droid, droid x, the nexus) and have never had my USB go on me. The cable has yes but those are cheap and I have a ton laying around. As I mentioned before there are some exceptions where it would be nice auto, nightstand, or work desk but for 60 dollars its not worth it for those cases. When I could have 6 usb fast chargers laying around. These things would be best if they were built into things rather stand alone. This is based on my use case we are all different so its normal if it fits your use case better for me tho its not. 
+Jerry Hildenbrand have you got your nexus orb charger yet? I know it comes with a 1amp charger but could you plug in the 2.3amp charger that came with the nexus 10 into it and get faster charging or would that damage the orb or phone?
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