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Need a sanity break from writing a review. This is what nerds do for fun.

Let's see if I remember anything from my cert. lol.
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Just moved to SL which is based off RHEL 
Is that some sort of 4th of July popsicle? lol
+Casey Keller I use Gentoo on my laptop, which is my primary machine. On things like media and file servers, I stick with Slackware.

As I'm in the process of setting up a new home server, I'm checking out RHEL again. I like to keep up with the changes when I can.
+David Boshears sort of a bukakke of bomb pops.Very tasteless and not fit for anything remotely family friendly. Sort of like me :)

+Casey Keller Anytime I can be plugged in, KDE is the way to go. 
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