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These are 4 bucks at woot again.
If you've ever wanted to dick around with a mouse on your #Android  phone or tablet, these are the ones to buy. I got 4 of them last time they were on sale, and they work great for a basic mouse on an Android device.
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Now if only that keyboard of theirs would go on sale.
Do they work great in laptops/desktops of course those that are Bluetooth compatible. 
Thanks for the tip I have been wanting to get one to see how well my gtab 10.1 would work as a Google TV box 
Anyone know if this will work on the CR-48?
Also works great with Mac computers, no issues using mine with my Air
Thanks. That's bad when S&H cost more than the actual item. $9 all together.
Purchased one in preparation for when I get the dock for the Note II, then again this isn't USB but for 4 dollars I'll give it a whirl.
thanks Jerry. Been wanting a BT mouse for my Asus tf300. Can't pass this up
My CR-48 doesn't have bluetooth just all the settings. 
+Jamie Larson  I can turn on bluetooth but the only thing I have to recognize it with is my bose soundlink. it sees it & connects but won't stream anything.
Reviews on AMZN are discouraging.. Last two months, I keep putting 2 or 3 in my cart, then chickening out. 
I just ordered 2, so we'll see how they perform in just a few days! Thanks for the heads-up, Jerry!
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